I made a foreplay game

Hi there,

A couple of months ago, I wanted to spice up the sex life of my wife and me. I downloaded a couple of foreplay games on the App Store, and we started experimenting. It immediately gave a boost to our relationship, but there were some downsides to the apps we were using:

  • You would get the same questions and tasks over & over again.
  • Some apps used very expensive subscriptions
  • Some were riddled with ads.
  • Many didn’t have an option to select the kinks you’re into (no need in suggesting anal when you both don’t like it)

Since I’m a developer myself, I got busy and created my own foreplay game. It comes without any ads or trackers whatsoever & it’s completely free. It’s still a work in progress and I still have a long todo list (such as supporting non-heterosexual couples), but since I’ve been lurking on this forum for a long time, I’d like to share this beta version with you: https://www.l0v3.app/

Feedback & feature requests are more than welcome!


I like it. Looks a lot of fun. The dice may need some work… not sure if I want to stroke a toungue or breathe onto eyes :laughing:
Thanks for sharing

From a brief run through (albeit on my own just to see what it was) I think it’s absolutely great!

You’re not selling anything and you’re not asking for users emails or to sign into anything so I don’t think there’s any issue posting it here though perhaps @Lovehoney_Brenna could just confirm that?

I went through the “Cards” options with the kink choices I’d normally pick and from a brief run through there is good variation. So far, I’m a fan and will try and get my OH to give it a go at the weekend. Thank you.


Thanks a lot!

I agree that the dice need some work. Also currently thinking about some “Would you rather?” and “Never have I ever” type of questions.

I hope this doesn’t come across as spamming. It’s hard to get a game like this out there and get it noticed by sex-positive people :slight_smile:

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Just ran through the board game side of things and it seems like a great idea! The dice like a few people have said may need tweaking a little but great options as the levels get higher! I’ll be keeping the page open for now incase it’s not allowed on here to give it a go with the OH. Would be great to have an option to select from day or night so you could decide if it’s being played more in the bedroom etc

Adding to that if it could be developed as an app for iOS I’d be downloading it now

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@l0v3 thank you.
I’ve just taken a journey through both Card and board games and enjoyed what you have created.

I can see us having some fun playing this!

It will also be good for the less experienced, more shy players as an “ice-breaker”.

Thank you once again.

I think this is great.
Have only had a quick go though it, but I own all the games Lovehoney sells ( I think ) and a few more, as well as playing a few app based ones, and this would be up with the best.

Aboustlutly amazing,cant believe no one has done this before,well done​:clap::clap::clap::clap:

Had,a little,look this,looks great can it be downloaded as an app

I’ll be adding Add to Homescreen functionality soon, so it would behave like a normal app. I don’t want to bother with the approval process of Apple and Google, they’ll probably ask that I censor certain words like “clitoris”, and I like the language to be a little bit dirty :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your game with the community! I think it’s important to make sure that everyone feels included and represented in any game or app, so I would like to point out some ways the game could be more inclusive and welcoming.

One suggestion to improve inclusivity in the game would be to modify the language used for couples (currently, male-female) to be gender-neutral, which is already in your to-do list, so thanks a lot for keeping that in mind :slight_smile: This little change would make it clear that the game is for all types of couples, and it would also be more welcoming to people who identify as non-binary or genderqueer.

Additionally, I would suggest adding options to select the number of players, so that various types of polyamorous relationships are included too, would be a great way to make the game more reflective of the diverse relationships that exist in the real world.

The app overall is quite intuitive to use and is fun! I am looking forward to the updates :blush:

I’m really excited to try this out with OH when he is in the mood. I have never played any foreplay games before.

It is great. Worked a treat :wink:

I would suggest that the questions relating to “affairs, cheating or ex partners”, or anything that could be a negative experience be replaced with something of a positive tone.

That can be a passion killer for some.

Well done!

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Thats a GREAT game! I did have to go to level Extreme before the fun started and i didnt come across any tasks where the guy gets fucked or toyed etc

Would be nice if you could add them especially as you have a skip this task button.

Apart from that, GREAT WORK! :+1:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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This is brilliant, off to an amazing start!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try to do this, or add a category for questions about ex’es.

I rebranded it to The Foreplay Game (theforeplaygame.com), since that’s easier to memorize, and I’ve added a classic truth or dare mode.

Next up: things for same-sex couples!

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I’ve added the erotic dice as a standalone game :slight_smile:

Now really next up: same-sex games & proper pronouns.

Is there any chance of having it as a downloadable app instead of a website? Just had a quick look while my wife is at work and it seems to load really slow, and having the questions locally i feel may make it a lot quicker :slight_smile: but other than that, im very excited to properly play it with her :heart_eyes:

Sorry for the late reply. I have no immediate plans to release it as a standalone app, I might however look into syncing all questions/tasks locally for easier offline play :grinning:

By the way, I added a wheel of fortune option :white_check_mark: