I sussope I should do this

Hi everyone.

I've actually been here ages, but there's been a bit of a gap and I don't remember doing a similar thing before. So, thought it should properly say hi. I think this explains everything:

bought some toys from LH in 20008


got interested in toys


had a child


got interested in sex and toys again


this thread

It's been a _long_ six years.

Welcome back

Oh, FFS *suppose*, *I suppose*.

I hate my fingers.

Did you join us from the future!!! :O hehe welcome back x

Hi welcome and enjoy the forums. Ask any question you like and you will get plenty of good impartial advice.

1) *makes mental note not to drink vodka before going on the internets*

2) *drinks more vodka*

Yeah, I'll admit to occasionally popping back and having a look what's going on from time to time. I'm impressed that everyone is always so constantly accepting and welcoming.

While if it wasn't the case it might not have stopped me buying from LH, it certainly would have stop me from posting and reviewing, so yay everyone.

(and now I realise if I were quicker I could have removed that errant 0 from my original post)

Did someone say vodka?
Man I could do with a large one ;)

I'm sorry, all I have is this euphemism.

Welcome (:

Hello :)

Welcome back

Hi welcome check out the LH Welcome page - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/665597-welcome-to-the-lovehoney-forum/

Why not introduce yourself in the Newbie Initation Test http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/introduce-yourself/19119-newbies-initiation-test/

We are all a lovely bunch of coconuts have fun & enjoy LH x

Welcome Woodworker. Do not hate your fingers, they are your friends...very much so.

Welcome back! :)

Welcome :)