I wanna be spanked!

Hi everyone I'ma newbie and I'm sfter some advice. I've been dying for my boyriend to give me a good spanking, you know the kind that bruises and leaves red marks all over? Trouble is he won't do it hard enough - I've tried just coming out and begging him to spank me harder but he still holds back!

He has no problem with using me for his own pleasure and I love it. I like to serve him and please him so how can I convince him to take things a little further and give me the good spanking I deserve?

A hand spanking? A wooden paddle might help or you could threaten to replace him with a robot. ;-)

We already have a paddle which is fine, and I've recently bought a leather whip but I've yet to reveal that little treat to him. Got a gorgeous under boob leather corset and some crotchless panties so I thought I might dress up and suprise him one day this week when he comes in from work.

Is nipple tassles going a bit too far? Just thinking I'd enjoy watching them swinging around when he spanks me.

No I don't think it's going too far! I think you should tell him in a non-sexual situation (i.e. sit him down and tell him) that you'd like to be spanked harder. Most men complain that their women don't give them enough direction in the bedroom so he should be pleased that you know what you want and you're willing to tell him!

Alternatively if you want to be more subtle, get hold of a book or short story that contains heavy duty spanking and leave it "lying around."

yeah i think maybe he needs to be shown thats its ok and that you really do want it to be harder but maybe shouting 'spank me til i bleed' isnt the way to go hehe maybe get some porn that involves spanking and watch it with him and make it pretty obvious you get off on it..hopefully he'll wana make you happy and yeah get a paddle! spanking someone hurts the spanker aswell as the spankee lol maybe thats why hes not too keen, a paddle should sort that out..its easier to get a good hard whack out of a paddle than a hand anyway plus its kinkier to have 'equipment' ;)

see thats a problem i had...
i think it comes down to their strength alot my bf is v strong hes a scrap dealer by trade you see so is always lifting heavy things anyways he was worried about really hurting me but after we sat down and talked about it we agreed on a way around it, hed keep spanking me harder and harder untill i was happy then he learnt how hard i like it and trust me its hard hes only hit me 2 hard twice now and its not too bad so sit down and chat and see if that method works for you when you say harder he should hit harder just reasure him if its too much youll let him know!
good luck!