I wanna know...

If anyone has actually tried this?! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=4957

I think they make some of it up to see if anyone wants to buy it.

Then chuckle at our gullibleness.

someone somewhere will have. And been conned out of £60 for the privilage!

Aw come on now campers, the thought of bouncing around with three bangs mega up my ass is occupying my thoughts at the moment. Never had a space hopper you see or even a horse, so missed out on all that stuff.!!!

Aww now I feel young- spacehoppers were gone by the time I was old enough lol

Crayola hun - you are young- enjoy!!!
As for me a childhood populated by Mambos aka Jubblies, penny arrow bars!!!!!!!, old pennies that is, and mo jos four for a penny. Never rich enough to afford the faddish gizmos like clackers, balsa wood airplanes etc etc etc .....

hehehe thats kinda similar to the dick chair that AS sell....but looks a lot more fun than a plastic blow up chair!! :p

Agreed wizadora. Maybe LH should do a clip of how to use it? ;) te he he....

hehehe now that would be a clip to watch! you could even have races using them......haha!

Ah! How fun would that be! Add in some other weird toys and you could have a whole adult sports day. Love eggs and spoon race anyone?

OMG Crayola that's a brill idea! See how far you can run while keeping love eggs in? How fast you can make him come while using the tongue joy? How many different positions you can use with the cone? He he anyone got any others?

Most inventive use of skipping ropes? Jelly dildo relay race? Obsticle course with different items of sex furniture and you have to shag on them all to win?

Acrobatics would be things like having sex with your legs behind your head?

LOL glad we all have such active imaginations!

Ok, so I almost got off my chair to see if I could still put my legs behind my head...

It's a strange skill to have in a man, but one I can admit to.I'm pretty supple, did a lot of swimming and gymnastics when younger.
I have very strangely shaped arms and legs now because of it. I have not checked in years though to see if I can do it. Not really something you need to do when you're a man.

I've been trying to get the girlfriend to do it, but she alas is not as supple as I.

I used to do gymnastics as a kid and actually retained the legs behind the head skill for a while.

*Goes tries*

Nearly. I can get one but not both lol. Aww- unimpressed now. Thought I had a new trick to wow the bloke with.

I think most men are satisfied if you pretend their semen tastes nice, and there's nothing you'd rather eat/drink more than their man juice.

Basically give him a big smile after a blow job, maybe throw in a "yum".

Also do you eat or drink semen? What's the verb?

I think the verb is "Swallow" it's meaning in the context of spunk guzzling is universally recognised.