I want longer or more orgasms

When I use cum using my vib or sex with OH my orgasms are very intence and very very quick, then its all over I always feel a little disappointed I want then to last longer are there any tips extending orgasm????

Stop yourself fully cumming a couple of times before letting yourself go, and once you have orgasmed, give yourself only a few minutes to recover, then do it again!

Or do it with a partner- watching them get turned on by it means you get more turned on, therefore are more likely to orgasm harder.

keep changing positions just as your about to come! i often have 2 or 3 with alternating between foreplay him and toys sometimes can have more depending on how long weve got. they are relli intense i make them mmore intense by squeezing my muscles not relli tight but just enough to highten the sensation and keep holding them as im nearing the big O in a way it over rides it and i continue on without having one i do this a couple of times and then fianlly release and wow i get the most intense O ever! try that 1 it keeps u going for longer and you wont b dissapointed with the end result!