I want to gape like the pro's!

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and I'm sorry for opening with a request for advice but I do plan to stay!

I have been messing around with anal play for a couple of years but only recently been taking it seriously. I have managed to stretch my arse to just over 2" wide but I seem to have hit a brick wall so to speak. I can only take up to about 4.5" in length so I am very limited with what toys to buy too and haven't found any short but wide toys.

I have purchased the Doc Johnson ace of spades (3" diameter) to work up to but I can't get any bigger than a 2" diameter ish. I have tried using an inflatable butt plug but I just get too full and push it out before it's pumped up enough to stretch me on the way out.

I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations of toys to purchase or tips if I'm doing it wrong for stretching out the width of my arse not the depth... unless I can do depth as that would be great!



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That one does look like a lot of fun to be honest! but from my experience it should be a tiny bit too long! :/ unless I can extend how deep I can go I couldn't fit it properly :( This seems to be my main problem with toys. I love anal play so much! but I can't get anything deep enough!

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As someone who has been ramming things up there for like 2-3 years now (lovehoney is to blame :D) I can only really say it takes time, I recently moved from having 6 inch circumfrence as my limit to 7 inch, as far as toy's go, but it takes patience time and effort.

Don't get frustrated though, that will work against you (believe me I know from experience) as far as gaping goes, maybe look in to one of the speculum thing's they sell on here? Over all I would say there are just a few key thing's to remember, patience, lube and relax, porn stars etc aren't exactly playing by the rules, so keep that in mind when your setting goals, speaking of which, when I first started I wanted to be taking thee biggest things on here, it doesnt work like that lol, you need to find your starting point, then build up inch by inch.

And welcome to the forum!!

Thanks a lot for the advice! It's probably a good idea for me to slow down a bit ha ha. It just feels so good!

I'll take it slow and work up in small increments until I can take the Ace of spades! One problem I do have though is that I can't take long toys, so using a long tapered plug is basically impossible. I was wondering, is that due to me doing something wrong? Should I be able to take things deeper than that?

Nope as your rectum curves around. Its generally about 8 inches long i think


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Nope as your rectum curves around. Its generally about 8 inches long i think

How do you get round that curve? anything I stick up there just seems to stop at about 4 1/2"

Like others have said, go slow and take your time.

What about: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17121





Perhaps try wider plugs and lowering yourself slowing.

Also different positions help.

It could be that youre pushing in the wrong direction? The rectum curves back towards your spine rather than straight up to your belly button. I used to have this problem using dildos on myslef and finding that they hurt oopsy. It could also be that youre pushing it towards your vagina also?

Maybe try just using a normal sized dildo and inserting it in different ways/positions and wiggling it around a bit so that you can feel what angle feels good and what lets you get deeper

Thanks a lot everyone! I've got quite a bit to be getting on with now ;) haha. I'll let you know how I get on after my next session!

I too want to be able to take larger toys anally, and it is slow progress, but keep at it. Slowly over the months, you will get larger.

My partner bought a strap-on to use on me for our anniversary, and that appears to have made her more determined to increase the size of toy I can take!

i'm at the same stage at the moment and looking to increase in width. How often per week should you be doing this to start to see an increase ? Want to be safe but also want to expand myself too in a safe way so not sure if daily is the correct way to go

I have read that people tend to leave 1 to 3 days gap between sessions in order to let yourself repair, you can gauge it by how sore you feel by the end of the first day. if your not sore at all, have another go, if you feel a bit sore still, leave it another day or so... This is only from what I've read and personal experience. Even though you can continue and push past the soreness and it stops hurting I wouldn't recommend it.

i tend to agree, dont rush it. i think an occasional but long session once or twice a week, with a good long warm-up lots of stretching, maybe a warm bath or hot shower in the routine, turn the radiator up to 11 and just be warm through and relaxed all over after you're nice and clean inside as well as out. then your bod is as receptive as it can be. get toys that have a taper, or try several really slim toys and ease them in next to one another -or perhaps slim rounded candles (no wicks, bad hygiene) as a different way to expand in small steps. also distract yourself a little, so that you can breathe through the new stretch, say for the next track on the ipod or reading a page of a book (really) before easing back down again, or even going up to the next size and stretch, the aim being to allow your body to accomodate and get used to the new size. have fun, and if it hurts badly STOP, if it hurts so good, well take it easy and enjoy!

Lately i have been having anal about once a week with a guy and then using a toy once inbetween now and then and that seems to be ok for me. I only need about a day ( or two depending how rough it was ) to recover fully. But using toys i recover over night ( i only ever use dildos )

As for the 'training' part - i cant really help, i kinda skipped that and went straight to 8 inch toys and then an even bigger cock! It worked out ok for me but i wouldn't recommend doing it that way, especially if your struggling with length etc

I find now i can take him near enough straight away with lube, but everyone is different and its a case of listening to your body to what it can take and what feels right for you personally. Take it slow is my best advise and dont push yourself harder than you can take, its not worth damaging yourself for no matter how much you enjoy it



they should have a gaping competition !

hi inyabum. i too am a big fan of having a good bumful. my oh loves to use vibrators on me as she loves seeing me helpless!!

i also use the "waterproof extra large vibrating buttplug" too, especially in the bath, then i leave it in for an hour or two as im moving around. it looks like a blue and white fir cone. i found that mentally preparing yourself, ensuring you're clean and just being relaxed really helps. using the buttplug regularly also helps you stretch. its been about three years ive been recieving an arseful and its amazing what i can take now compared to when i began.

practice makes perfect!

good luck.