If you have toys that you can wear out, share with us if you have had a orgasam and was it bad or good to wear it at the time,ill start

Im not to sure how many people own toys you can wear out,but if you do how about keeping this thread alive by telling us if you had a orgasam wearing it,and was it a good thing to do at the time,was it messy etc

So ill start it off

Ive only had my vibraexciter (mens version) for a couple of days,so ive not been to good with it yet.but this happened a couple of hours ago.

With the vibraexciter you can have 10 different WOW settings,so for the last couple of days ive been trying to find the best one for me,well it looks like ive found one if i want to cum while wearing it:

Today i had been testing the different setting and ive been doing this by phoning my mobile from my house phone and just letting it ring and ring

So i started to ring my phone Mmmmmm it was good so i thought i would do the washing up while i kept my mobile ringing 10minutes went by and i could feel my cock get to the no return point of cumming,before when i got to this point i would turn it off,but i lost my brain this time lol

As i was doing the washing up i could feel me ready to cum but at the same time my front door bell rang,and i got a bit lost what i was doing,i was rushing to quickly turn the vibraexciter off,but it wouldn't turn off i forgot that i was using my home phone to set it off,and by the time i realized that and before i could hang up i felt my cockhead pulsing and cumming inside my underwear,i could do anything because i had to answer the front door.

Bloody hell it was only the postman asking if i could take something in for a neigbour,i quiclky said yea my cum was running out into my underwear and started to soak tthrough them.

After i shut the door i quickly pulled down my trousers to see the damage lol wow didn't i make a mess cum everywhere.took a bit of time to clean up,at least the postman didn't see any wet patch comming through.

I didn't want to make myself cum but it happened... i was trying to find a setting that was nice and got me horny&hard but not enough to make myself cum

Owell that was my first experience of wearing a toy,and i hope to have better ones lol

No replys soso sad doesn't anyone else wants to share?dam i feel a bit foolish letting my secret out,as it was a accidental orgasam

I'm afraid I have just been too busy jezzer. Plus I have a chest full of toys and more orgasms than can be counted - just read my reviews for those stories!

I think your title for this thread is a little long and confusing - may be why no replies


Yea i thought my title was not right but i couldn't think how to start it.too late now

Ill go and read your reviews

So the title should of been:

If you have a sexy toy you wear while out,Share you stories