If you were going to make a masturbation video for your partner who would you do it

Im going to make one for my g/f as i think it would be fun for her...

Should i make it as i sexy story leading up to me masturbating with her pictures in front of me,and with her thong wrapped around my cock. Has anyone done this before?

I dont want it to look like one of the tasteless porn movies

Sorry spelling mistake Should be

If you were going to make a masturbation video for your partner how would you do it

Actually making it look like a cheesy porn film is good! It increases the buildup if you hit on all the cliches. I think starting in the shower is the best bet, Just have a normal shower with the camera on you (well you can put on a bit of a show here) This parts just to tease her. Dont wave your cock round at this part just show glances.

Then you can move to the bedroom and perhaps one of her items is lying around, then go into full blown wankathon. My girlfriend enjoys it when i bend over for no apparant reason such as to fix a radiator giving her a good ass view.

Depends what she likes, if there's something special that you know turns her on, teaase her with it a little! If she fantasises about you being a fireman or somethign why not dress up and pretend to be someone else? You can put the camera out of the way, pretend you're come to the house and found her panties, have a nice long wank on her bed and you have the added bonus of not having to look at the camera if it puts you off!

Don't worry about it being cheesey or tasteless, just have fun and make sure you enjoy doing it as much as she's going to enjoy watching it! :oD

Two good ideas:

Thanks diddlexl

Thanks punkboy

I love the idea of me at home finding her thongs ive allready got some good ideas that will go with the thongs

Im thinking i might film this over a week or so,So she will see me masturbating in different locations and different ways

Or do you think she should just see me masturbate once?

If i film myself doing different ways and edit it really well she might think Wow he does this alot and in one day because of me