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Hello, there's so much I would like to experience with my gorgeous wife.... What would you like to do to your other half that he/she doesn't like or know that you would like too? I would like to experience anal sex but she's not having it. Have mentioned it a few times over the years.


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Firstly welcome! And secondly as a woman that said absolutely no to anal, just wait until one of her girlfriends tells her how good it is lol, I got advised to do it drunk (good advice) lol. All my girlfriends kept telling me how good it was so I caved. This was 7 years ago and I sometimes prefer it to vaginal sex!

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Anal pleasure really isn’t for everyone, but a little gentle teasing touch on the outside might spark a deeper desire! Cleanliness and hygiene are super important for most though!

For us, blindfolded bondage turned out to be a surprise hit!

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Hello. Welcome to the forum.

I introduce anal into our relationship by initially using butt plugs and toys on myself. When she saw how much I was enjoying it she became curious and, over a period of time with no pressure from me, we slowly progressed to full anal penetration for her and pegging for me.

If anal is a hard limit then you will have to respect that but it may be something that is open to experimentation at her own speed.

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It may be worth gently slipping a cheeky finger in her bum so that she can be introduced to the feeling and sensations that anal can provide.