I'm new!

Hi Lovehoney community :)

I've been ordering from Lovehoney for just over a year now and decided to put some reviews up on the site and make a profile. Ideally I'd love to review some more Lovehoney products, I'm always interested in trying something new and adventurous, and Lovehoney seems to be constantly updating and expanding their range of titillating toys!

I've been loyal to Lovehoney because of the great value for money as well as the new and interesting things they're introducing - which are pretty much guaranteed to enhance your orgasms and make you a generally sexually fulfilled person, which I find always adds a spring to my step.

So basically I just wanted to say hello! Hopefully I can get to know you lovely people too xx

Hi there, welcome to the forums xx

Hello and welcome :D! The forum is a nice place with a lot of helpful lovely people, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Hello! welcome to the forums! Can't wait to chat! :) x

Hello and welcome you will love it here there are so many nice people x

Hi and welcome to the forums :)

Hi there :)

Hello and welcome :) xx

Hey, welcome to the forums x

Hello :)

Hi and welcome :)

Hi! Welcome! We can be new together!! ^_^

Hey, welcome to the forums!

Hello and welcome :)

Hola and welcome!

Hi and welcome to the forum. Enjoy!

Hello, good evening and welcome. I hope you have fun here.

Hi I'm new too, looking forward to getting to know others

Hello :-)