Impact play toys?

I am looking of adding some toys used for impact play in my toy collection and I have never owned any myself, only used them with people I’ve been with that had them. What’s everyone’s fave and recomms? :heartpulse:

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Depends what you want from the impact play.

A flogger produces a diffuse pain over a large area and can be used safely anywhere in the body.

A cane or crop can produce a vicious painful sting and can leave red weals or even bruises if used for longer periods.

A paddle is also very painful and can redden or bruise quite large areas but is best used on we’ll padded ares if the body.

A whip is perhaps the most sensual and emotive impact toy. It takes practice to use well but is my personal favourite for the sensations it produces and the marks and bruises it leaves on my body.

If you are just starting out I would suggest a cane for the ‘sting’ and a paddle for the ‘thud’. Two very different sensations.

You must also establish boundaries and a safe word if it all gets too much.

My personal favourite is his hand, closely followed by his belt. A flogger is nice for something a little softer, obvs unless you’ve got some bits at the end of the fronds.

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I love heavy floggers. I like my impact to be thuddy and i like it to go on for as long as my Dom can keep going. I dont mind the odd stingy or sharp pain thrown in for variation but as @rockstar said, get 2 toys with different feelings and go from there

Our first impact toy was a small flogger in this kit

Which we loved and still love. Then we bought a much longer flogger which feels very different. Another favourite is a double sided paddle - fabric on one side which is softer and leather on the other side which gives much more of a sting.

We’ve also got a riding crop, but for some reason it hasn’t had a lot of use yet.

Good luck in finding what you like