Implant - effect on sex drive

I was just wondering if anyone has had the implanon implant and what effect it has had on your sex drive, as it has really increased mine!

I've got a mirena coil, which does the same kinda thing.

For me it's really decreased my sex drive. But to be honest, it's been worth that drop for other reasons.

i really cant stomach the thought of the coil at all, its just something about it that makes me squirm. probably irrational! but its pill for me atm!

I can understand that. The idea of the coil made me wince for a long time and then I was left with little choice - so I took the dive.

The only negative that I've experienced with it is a reduction in my sex-drive. However, that's probably the type of coil that I have, rather than something that's common to ~all~ coils as a side effect (the mirena isn't usually recommended for women who haven't had children or who are in my age range).

The positives, however, far outweigh the negatives: I only have to worry about it once every 5 years, I don't have periods, I don't get PMT, period pains or anything else associated with "that time of the month" and a multitude of other positives too.

Personally, I'd have had a coil put in years before I did, had I known!

I have been on implanon for 6 months now and have found it to be troublesome at the beginning. I would say that it has made me take a bit longer to get warmed up. Overall I would say it has slightly decreased it but it is all worth it now my periods have stopped and it's there for 3 years so no worries.

I am having my implanon removed next week, 2 years early!

Since I had it fitted a year ago I have not stopped bleeding, had migranes, mood swings and completely lost my sex drive, I recently found out that the nurse who fitted it had not asked the right questions or I would have been told it wasn't for me.

I think it is a good idea for some people but do your research and make sure it's rigt for you.