Improving the search engine

I was wondering if there are any plans to upgrade the search facility on LH. I'm sorry if the topic has been done before but it's quite hard to tell 8-)=

To take the example of what I was interested in recently - guys wearing strapons - if you put this phrase into LH's search you get a list of over 6000 threads and the thread that actually has this phrase in its title does not appear in the first dozen pages of results!

By contrast, putting the phrase "lovehoney men wearing strapons" into google gives you this thread as hit #3.

I agree. The actual search function on the website is great, but the forum is really difficult to find anything. I think it seems to search for any thread with that phrase in, and show you the most popular thread. I'm not too sure how it could be improved since it's four based, and not an actual search engine though. Hope something comes up :)

I have still not found any on webpage search function that has come near google in precision. But then again google has had some experience with these kind of things.

I think there are quite a number of forum 'advanced search' utilities that would dramatically help the situation. Some offer options like search for exact phrase, search for word/phrase in thread titles only, show posts containing the word/phrase.

The latter would really help as it would save wading through a 30 page thread to find what post(s) contain the desired word/ phrase only to find it's way off the topic anyway.

In any even simply changing the search to use AND rather than OR for multiple word searches would be a big improvement as, at the moment, searching for 'female ejaculation' gives you all the threads containing the word 'female' or the word 'ejaculation' not those containing 'female' and 'ejaculation'. So the more you try to be specific as to what you want the worse it gets!

You can use google for that still; no need for advanced search. Try this (using mostly your examples):

allintitle: wearing strapons

allintitle: sexy ass

allintitle: ultimate toy wall

ejaculation AND female

"female ejaculation"

That's a bit of typing (not for me, since I don't use Google directly like this), but it can be done.

Yes exactly - google certainly does the job very well so I'm not sure why LH have not changed their current built-in search engine for a google CSE.

I know there is a fee for adding google's custom search engine to your site but I can't see it putting a massive dent in LH's revenues and its probably cheaper than having someone bury themselves in SQL for months. Perhaps there are issues with google's use terms.

Yeah I agree it's quite hard to find what you're after, and before you know it you start a topic when there's a load of topics covering the same sort of thing.