In case someone from Love Honey gets to read this!

Shamelessly going to make a request/shopping list of things I want to buy...but can't afford atm, but would looove you to include in your free offers made with £50 order (with £15 off...I know, I don't ask for much!)

I know my wish list is asking a lot- probably too much, but anything similar...just with good ratings, I'm done with bottom of the barrel disappointments that don't quite get me anywhere without huge effort and just-about-getting-the-position-right...that's why I'm on your site looking for better!) So here goes...

Clit suction (Womaniser, Desire- anything like that)

Clit. Caress or Manic clit vibrator

A bunny with super soft ears, and I mean super soft! (though not too know what I mean!)

And if I'm really asking for the sky...the Lelo Insignia looks great (and above my purse limit!)

I know it wont make much of a difference to ask...but just in case it does!

Save up your pennies for black friday. They have some good toys on offer when it hits (October??) or sign up for the deal / discount of the day. They have also had a few 50% off everything over the past few years. You never know your luck.....