In praise of the Advent Calendar

Did anybody get the advent calendar last year? It was a brilliant idea, admittedly we didn’t get to open it like an advent calendar - daily often fell to weekly due to work/family/life etc - but now it’s all open what a fantastic collection. I knew what was behind the final door and the better half is definitely delighted with that upgrade, but the other bits and pieces added up to a fantastic collection. The bullet in the gave the first clue, and that can be used in three other items to give a cracking versatility to play. Some cool new tricks as well, a stroker was a pleasant find for sure and the restraints have found a good home under the bed where hopefully they won’t be detected by the smallfry…!

So yeah, great quality and an absolutely fabulous price to boot. Great to start a collection and experiment for sure, next Christmas not sure I can justify another one (maybe the year after) but we are looking for a bigger toybox!!!

Did anybody else get one, what did you all think?


Alas I didn’t get one but they’re defo a best seller every year and highly recommended by many as a fun build up :relieved: