Inflatable butt plug

Hi good people.

We are looking for an inflatable butt plug but would like a bit of advice.
We are looking for something that’s not too wide so is easily inserted but will inflate to a good width once inside.

Anyone got any favorites or tips on which ones to look at?


I have one from LH but it’s pretty big and wide. So good when you start to pump it up and the feeling as it deflates is great too

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Wish they made one that stretched you out and deflated quickly. That would feel amazing. Dunno about you but putting a plug in and pulling it out feels the best.


The wife does like that with a modest sized plug, but we are looking at inflatables because (without being too graphic) she has some sphincter issues that prevent us using anything too big, but a smaller plug that inflates once inside would enable her to have that really filled up feeling (which we both love when I am in the front!) without busting her bum every time it is inserted or removed.

I have this one.

It’s small enough to fit easily but inflates to a good size. It also vibrates should you fancy that too.


Did you decide on an inflatable toy? I am considering getting one too but all the products available seem to inflate internally rather than at the point where the anus holds the toy in place, so do they really stretch the anus?

Not in the same way that a conventional butt plug does but they do provide pressure on the prostate which is nice.

If you remove them whilst inflated or partially inflated then they will stretch the sphincter on the way out.

We use them more for femdom ‘torture’ where my wife inflates them gradually to the point of just bearable discomfort.

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I like the Renegade Master Series. I haven’t tested out the max. possible yet, but it’s at least 6 - 7 cm, deflated it’s about 3 cm in diameter.

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We did get one, we didn’t want the stretching though. She wanted one that would go in fairly easily but then be able to really inflate to fill her up while I enter her PIV.

It’s been very successful, we both enjoy it.

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