Insert your own inappropriate title...

Starting them off early it seems...

Extra pun for it being Dora the EXPLORER.

Hahaha - you've got a DIRTY mind crayola :-D

Now that would be an embarrasing one for the A&E.

If I got my hands on it she'd be promoted to Dora The Anal Explorer!

I wonder if it got taken off the shelves as people complained? Or maybe it got sold out due to the mothers... :P

"Mummy, why do you keep Dora in your bedside cabinet?"

Oh God... that's awful! You'd wonder that at some stage during the design process, no-one managed to look at it and go, hang on...


Actually I quite enjoy spotting all the hidden phallic symbolism around the place, you'd be amazed how much there is. Doubt if the designers of this toy realised what they'd done though.

Thats said- who else thinks the new tango bottles look suggestive..?

This one on the other hand...

Lol- just me then happy camper? It's the top- reminds me of a fitted condom! (The bottom kinda detracts though lol)

Ribena bottle anyone?

If you can put it in your mouth, it seems that it'll be shaped slightly phallic

I bet somewhere, someone has shoved a 2lt coke bottle where the sun doesnt shine...

Best I've ever managed is a 473ml bottle of a stuff called Pom.
Pomegranate juice.

Insertable length 5 inches. Circumference 9.96 inches.

It's not the '2-litres' thing that puts me off trying - it's the 'Coke'!

@ crayloa -
Yep, I think you might be correct! Click on this if you dare.... :-O


In BBG we trust (for all the weird pr0n)

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Shellyboo *covers eyes*

Anyone manage to hang onto Mr Wood aka truncheon !!!! Remember hearing a near neighbour belabouring, or should that be belaying his g/f with one with the admonishment "Tell me when you come". Well campers forget Sightsavers he should have gone to HearingSavers !!!!!!