intensity of can i come better?

duno if its just me but my Os r diff everytime...sometimes im just like ufffff after it lol even when its just me playing and ive been aiming for a good one or from full sex it doesnt really matter, and then other times its stronger and i get the wee pulsing and spent feeling after it, any advice how to get these stronger ones all the time? obv being teased will make it more intense but when we dont have the time to mess about id like to still come better? they dont seem to last very long, like 3 seconds and thats it lol is that normal for a girl? hubby wants me to be a squirter haha but i just want to be able to ride my orgasms out better!


various intensity is absolutely normal. Even guys have various strenght orgasms. For me, as woman, this depends on lot of things - how tired I am, how long I am without orgasm, how aroused I am, if I am stressed, if I was teased a lot before, but frankly, also the part of menstruation circle, funnily I tend to get the best round my period. And I am sure that there are tuns of other things which play a role in it. So lot of things are just completely out of my control. So I decided not to worry, and just enjoy the playing.

Obviously, you can help it a bit. In my experience using the orgasm boosters get them stronger, but I prefer not to do it often. Only when I need a bit of help.

As for the lenght. There is no normal lenght. I would say it depends on lot of things. I had short one, barely noticable one and also had few when I almost "fainted" and it was long one. So I would say yes, its normal.

Sometimes I get like this as well -- For me, it's about my mindset. The more relaxed I am, the better my orgasms! If I'm very frustrated, if I can't quite get there, that orgasm will be weaker simply because I've been trying to get there. Similarly, if I have an interrupted orgasm (common when one has an evil Dom partner like I do, lol) the next orgasm is likely to be not-quite-enough, leaving me vaguely unsatisfied.

I don't have any concrete advice about having better orgasms, but I expect it IS just a matter of taking the time to be relaxed and do plenty of foreplay. It doesn't really bother me that some are better than others, I just appreciate the big ones all the more!

I get this aswell. Im a squirter and do this everytime, although sometimes after a long session my legs start shaking and i feel really weak. Personally i always thought my OH had a part in it, once i squirt he doesnt just stop, he keeps going and makes it happen a few more times.

I never knew i could control wether i get the knee trembling ones!! xx