Internal vibrations am I weird?

Anything internal vibrating wise does nothing for me.
Am I weird?
I was wearing my vibrating egg last night and it felt nice and a little annoying but nothing like I imagine you should feel.
Same with vibrators. Unless something's vibrating on my clit it does nothing.

You're not the only one - I'm pretty much the same with most vibrations. I find they just get annoying after a while internally.

You're not weird at all. Everyone is different. I can get enough of vibrations internally, but my OH hates it, and prefers external vibrations.

You're not weird PA. Internal vibrations do nothing for me either, it's why I generally have bullets. The odd one has worked which were the vibrators from the Ceramix range, but that's about it.

Just remember we all like different things! So don't think you're weird if someone likes something you don't or you like something they don't!

Nope,you're not.Internal vibrations do nothing for me,too,without clit stimulation.

Oh you're not the only one! :)
Same here. I even find vibrations inside me irritating. Except one. Lelo Mona 2.

I have a vibrating egg and it doesn't do that much for me internally, but we have used it while having anal sex and it feels amazing! The anal makes the egg push right into your g-spot and it felt so much better.

Same here, does very little for me without external stimulation as well.

sometimes its nice to know you are normal and everyone else is much the same lol

thanks guys

Mrs thats not a bad idea you know! hmmm next time

Same here too, I prefer external vibrations. I do like to use my love egg occaisionally out and about for a bit of fun though.

That's a great idea Mrs - may have to try that! :) xx

Same here, not a fan of internal vibrations very often :)

Dildo vibes you can use for thrusting do it for me and so do rabbits (or a combination of an internal vibrator and a clitoral one). Love eggs and sets of vibrating beads, should I use them as the only stimulators, just don't do the trick at all. Should I leave a love egg that has been set to delivery low frequency stimulation inside myself, I tend to (more or less) forget about it after several minutes. Should I leave it inside when it's on a really high setting for a prolonged period of time (30 minutes or more), my nasal septum starts to "vibrate" and tingle for some peculiar reason - and that doesn't feel pleasurable at all (it just feels like a preetty annoying case of a head cold).

Currently, I have one set of vibrating beads (ehm, unless you also count my most disappointing purchase ever, Swan the Clutch, that simply seems to have been constructed for people who have their pelvic floor muscles pretty deep INSIDE their vaginas) and one love egg and I doubt I'll be getting any more vibes like that - I try those I already from the time to find out whether my attitude towards them has changed but so far it doesn't feel any better. Should I rate any vibes like that, taking into account my own level of satisfaction, I would be unlikely ever to give more than perhaps a star and a half.

Obviously, you are not the only one.

Nope I'm the same hun. The only way I like them inside me is of they are strong. :)

Me too. Without the help of a bullet or some sort of external vibration it dose not feel like much. Xx

I definitely prefer external vibrations

I dislike internal vibrations, just makes me feel like i'm going to lose control of my bowel, not fun.

I much prefer external too, I can enjoy rabbits but that's cause they have both. I've only found one g-spot toy so far that I really like and don't find annoying but I also use a bullet with it on my clit.

I do have an anal vibrating wand that I like though, love eggs don't do much for me but I migt have to try MrsMcX's suggestion.

So no you're definitely not alone.

Oh pt I like my vibrating butt stuff lol

I love external vibrations, but i have to be in the right mood for internal. They do arouse me, but I so much prefer movement for internal stimulation, compared to vibrations

No, for me vibrating on the outside not on the inside!