International Masturbation Day and Masturbation May

It seems that we are in Masturbation May and May 7th is International Masturbation Day.

I hope everyone is partaking and planning something special for Friday.


Quite convenient it falls on a friday :laughing:


I’ve ordered a new toy kit that’s due on the 7th, was the deal of the day a few day ago and couldn’t resist. Amazing coincidence… I know what I’ll be doing all day on Friday :joy:

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Well hopefully I will get the other half involved in this :smirk:

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I’d better book Friday off work!

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9 out of 10 times hubby joins in with me when I masturbate, I find it such a turn on when he’s watching me then he’ll join me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Excellent! What a coincidence that it’s on the one day this month that my OH is going in to the office. I’ll have the house to myself for a few hours hopefully so I’ll plan a toy marathon to celebrate :joy: :wink:


Must be sure to let the OH (@Steffi.O ) know that it falls on the 7th and await fun pics/vids while I’m at work…

And I must make sure we both partake once works duty is finished for the week…


Too bad I’m going to be on my cycle then. Sigh happens every year lmao

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We’ve planned out the day.

Grandkids to school. Back to bed at 9.00.

Masturbate till lunch at 1.00.

Back to bed at 1.30

Masturbate some more.

Collect the kids at 3.00.

Wait till they’re collected at 7.00.

Back to bed at 8.00.

Masturbate till sleep time.


Same for my OH! - Not going to stop me tho!

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Well I know what I’ll be doing after work :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Started our celebrations this morning. resting now ready for Phase 2.

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I’m on strict instructions not to do anything, he wants to watch me masturbate myself, he says he has so much planned for this evening