Introducing a mirror into things

What are good positions for mirror play, getting angles etc? Me and my wife are getting a upstanding flexable one and love the idea of watching ourselves while in the act! So far I think doggy style would produce some fantastic viewing and maybe some bdsm/restraint play.

Tried this on the weekend when the OH was on top facing me, riding me as I had a great rear view from the mirror. Slapping her arse, talking dirty as she squirmed with joy.

Next in line is the fox tail plug, when I'll be tugging that as she rides for joy. Update and review to come.

Those tail butt plugs look fun. Waiting in anticipation for your next post

Miirors can be fun seeing yourself and your partner from a different view/angle, I guess thats why i like my video camera so much.

Have always loved mirrors, we have mirror fronted wardrobes along one bedroom wall and we're always looking. We did some reserach into a ceiling mirror, such as found in swinger clubs, but it went into the 'too difficult' category. Before we moved in together I had a large mirror above my bedhead.

We have mirrored doors on our wardrobe and they are fantastic for mirror sex. We like reverse cowgirl so I can watch myself slowly sink into my husband. He likes this position to as he gets to see both sides of me. 😂

We have mirrored wardrobe doors and a free-standing mirror, and if you are careful with positioning yourself on the bed, and the position of the free-standing mirror, it is possible to be able to see penetration of your own ass. We've done it both with me being face down on the bed with my legs apart, and him coming into me from above, and with him riding on my strap-on cowgirl style.

You can also use the two mirrors to do other things like let a spankee see how red their ass is. There are all sorts of possibilities, so I'd recommend 2 mirrors, one of them portable.

My OH has a dresser table beside her bed near the pillow, she likes to look away so I can’t see her orgasm face as she comes, but hasn’t realised that I can see it in this mirror. It is such a turn on for me to see her expressions leading up to her orgasm.