Inverted nipple

Does anyone have experience of using toy/s to reverse an inverted nipple?

Hi there @Sane_Tubbo and welcome aboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t got specific experiece of using toys with inverted nipples, but I can provide some testimony that may be relevant. I bought these nipple suckers:

After using them just a few times, I discovered that my nipples had changed, permanently. Basically, now they are always proud, and when erect are considerably more prominent than they ever used to be. I wasn’t expecting that outcome, but I must say I like it! :+1:

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Seconding the nipple suckers comment.
Mine where very shy (tended to stay flat) and one was slightly inverted. Bought these

And after having used them for a while (probably for a couple of months on and off) my nipples are definitely different. I dont have to spend forever coaxing them only to get no response any more. Even the partially inverted one.
Havent used them in months now and this seems to be the way they are now. Theyre more sensitive and respond easily. Its an unexpected bonus that I’m really happy about.

Theyre worth a try in my opinion. At the very least they should give you erect nipples for a while after having them on (bonus, they feel great to use)

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Thanks I bought these as a stocking filler, see what reaction they get and if positive whether they work and/or make the nips more prominent/sensitive.

Hope it works for you :crossed_fingers:
In my experience, using a little bit of lube round the edge makes them seal really well. Also dont squeeze the bulb too hard to start, they can be pretty strong.

Breast-feeding made mine permanently pert. They were quite flat before that.
Might be rather an extreme option, though, depending on your circumstances - so I’d give nipple suction toys a try.

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Yes, absolutely. It is a slow process and not found n the sex toy ssection IMO.

You can use any of the suction toys but you can also get actual nipple correctors which are similar but gentler in their action and much more discreet. I sleep in mine and I have worn them out of the house.

I’m male but working on enlarging my nipples as part of my gradual feminisation. The nipple correctors are working very well.