Which would you say is the best Iroha?





This is quite a difficult question as everyone is so different, but for me personally I love my Yuki. I like the fact that you can also insert the small end inside too, but everyone will have there favourites, so it's best just to have a good read through the reviews and watch the videos before you make your final choice :) x

Good advice from Scorpius.

I have both the Yuki and the Sakura and I love them both for different reasons.

Although if you love power they are not amazingly powerful.

Are all of them waterproof? I am new to toys, the only one I have had is magic wand. I want something for clitoral stimulation to enhance sex. Thanks :)

turksandcaicos wrote:

Are all of them waterproof? I am new to toys, the only one I have had is magic wand. I want something for clitoral stimulation to enhance sex. Thanks :)

They're all waterproof. If I had to choose between the Sakura and the Yuki, I think I'd probably go with the Sakura, but it would be a hard choice. They're both great. The quality of the vibrations and the material is lovely.

I haven't used either during intercourse, but since I tend to use the Sakura perpendicular to my bits I think it might be less versatile in terms of positions. Like it would be fine in doggy but would lose the magic of the ears in missionary. My guess is that Yuki would be better in that sort of position. Someone else with both will have to do some comparative testing. :-)

Another thing to consider is the fact that LH won't be carrying Yuki when the stock finally runs out and the price is lower. If you think you might be interested in both, it might make more sense to get Yuki now and Sakura for a present later on.

But definitely get at least one.

None of them are waterproof :(

How about a bullet, they are small enough not to get in the way, the We-Vibe Tango is very powerful if you like poweful vibrations.

I have Sakura and Yuki - I wouldn't recommend Sakura and I haven't even used Yuki yet because I am conviced I am going to hate it too.

I don't really like the iroha range. I had such high expectations, they look and sound great online but Sakura was so disappointing. They're not waterproof, not that powerful and apparently they have a tendency to open up - the control panel pops out.

If you're looking for a good clitoral stimulator, I'd recommend We-Vibe Touch or Tango. Tango is good for pin point stimulation and is very powerful. Touch is nicer in my opinion, the vibrations are slightly more gentle so don't make me jump when I first use it. The silicone feels lovely and it is truly a great toy.

If you have your heart seat on an iroha, I wouldn't recommend Sakura - but I know many people love it. I personally didn't so I can't recommend it to people.

Oh sorry, delilah's right about them not being waterproof. Don't know what I was thinking.

Ok thanks for the input. The main thing that attracted me to Iroha was that they don't look intimidating. They are quite cute. I want something that isn't too big and phallic so my partner doesn't get intimidated. LOL

If you are considering them, I would try it, unless you are after very strong vibrations. I am not sure these are as strong as the Tango range.

The wand may give you some indication what sort of vibrations you need. Not everyone is after very strong vibrations and this is where e.g. I disagree with PinkPolkaDot. I have to be in the right mood for the Tango, which lately I havent been for months. I used to need much stronger vibrations then I do now and the Tango has just became completely useless toy, which rarely leaves its box...

I guess it is up to you. Maybe you will be just fine and very happy with these unless you are after very strong vibrations. In which case you may be better off with the Tango range.

That's fair enough turksandcaicos, they are cute. But I can't imagine Sakura being comfortable to use during intercourse - the slit means you'd probably need it in a particular position, which will depend on your vulva shape and clit position. I haven't used it during sex but it just feels like one of those toys that would be annoying to hold in place. Also, because they're not waterproof you'd constantly have to worry about keeping it dry which could get difficult in the throes of passion.

I'm not exactly sure what you disagree with Laveila. All I said was that Tango was powerful and offers pin point stimulation - and I'm not the only one who mentioned it. I actually recommended the Touch, just mentioned the Tango.

Any vibrator can be used on the clit during intercourse, but one of you is gonna need to hold it in place, the Sakura is no different, and actually slightly cumbersome in shape to do that with...

I have the Midori and like everyone has said although it's not as powerful as something like the Tango i actually really like it.

I guess i consider myself as power hungry but the Midori gives me orgasms different to my Tango and wand, these orgasms are really deep and intense. I also like the fact i can use the whole body of the Midori not just the tip as it's so soft and as a multiple orgasmer usually my Tango is blinking for more power but my Midori can still keep on going.

The only thing i guess thats worth mentioning again is the waterproof issue, i squirt and i am constantly worrying about getting it wet.


but the Touch is also very powerful I believe, so it is for those, who need the power.

And I just disagreed that these 2 are the recommended options as clitoral toys compared to the Iroha. As it depends on how much power you really need.

I am sorry if I offended you.