Is a penis attractive?!

What’s the general consensus? Is a penis attractive?

I’m certain many will appreciate the pleasure a penis can give but are they actually aesthetically pleasing?

I’ve been with my wife for many many years so missed the generational boat on sending ‘dick pics’. No point now, she’s well aware what it looks like! So it’s all a bit of a mystery to me. Has anyone ever received such a picture and gone “wow, that’s one beautiful cock!”


This is a body-positive forum, so it would actually be against the ethos to say that any genitalia is unattractive. :slightly_smiling_face:

People like different things, so I’m sure there will be some who won’t be as enthused by certain penis aesthetics as others (or even penises in general) - but we like to celebrate what people do enjoy more than what they don’t. :+1:

Thanks Ian. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I was actually hoping to be positive as opposed to negative.

You could shift the focus of the question away from ‘Are they attractive?’ (‘let’s debate how ugly dicks are’ :slightly_smiling_face:) to ‘What’s the most attractive thing about a penis?’ (‘tell me what you find attractive about dicks’).

I do agree with @Ian_Chimp but understand what you were saying @T_A_O

I don’t appreciate a dic pic (from anyone) but do appreciate the beauty of a penis that belongs to a sexual partner.


I’d like to think the most attractive part of my penis is who it’s attached too :joy::joy:


I find my husbands erect penis very attractive and it excites me when I receive a pic from him and we have been together for 26yrs.
I actually moan at him when he stops sending me pics I love coming out of work to find a text from him with a pic of his penis


Weather or not you find the male bits and bobs aesthetically pleasing speaking from experience most people don’t appreciate a dick pick its a bit like shoving your groin in someone’s face when they are not expecting it.

As for body confidence lady bits and boy bits all come in their own shapes and sizes and all individually beautiful

It’s really annoying when people objectify on a a certain TV show and sad that there’s a culture that makes people feel like they have to go under the knife to make it “tidy” down there :cry:


A lot of the attraction for me is knowing that it’s something that I don’t have. Sometimes I like to go in for a look just to be in awe at our physical differences, and then I ooh and ahh in the name of science! :joy:


Usually when I find someone attractive, I find their genitalia attractive, also. One of my friends with benefits I have currently has a really nice penis with a piercing which I really like.


To me a penis is a penis, I’m more interested in the person it’s attached too.


Also guilty of this :laughing: i blame my inner scientist.
Personally i think theyr as aesthetically pleasing as any other part of the body. Personally i like them.


I think could be two separate subjects for this one:

  1. General views on penis aesthetics
  2. Opinions on Dick Pics

For me, I think my wee fella is a tidy enough chap, quite pleased he’s part of me. In terms of looking at others, I’ve not had a pull to look at others, I’m just grateful for what I have. Safe to say other dicks don’t have much appeal for me, never felt the need to compare etc.,

In terms of the whole dick pic thing, it all comes down to situation I think. For example, been with my GF for coming up to 3 years, and we live apart. Every now and then I’ll send one with a little message like ‘missing you’ or something to cheer her up with. Likewise I’ll get random pics from OH, which I always appreciate any time or day and immediately gets me hard.
I’ve never quite understood the sending of dick pics when single though, unless it has been asked for, when trying to impress a lady. It seems like the equivalent of offering a lady a drink in the bar and dropping your pants when introducing yourself. ​

Would love to hear opinions on:
‘Has an unexpected dick pic from a stranger been appreciated’
‘now I’ve seen the dick, I’d love to take this further’?

For me and this will sound really shallow but it’s not all about size but depends on the body it’s on, for me an erect shaved penis on a fit body is a thing of beauty!!

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I guess I am so old that I took the title more of a simple question . As in all body parts they can be quite attractive to somebody and less so to someone else . All I can tell you is I have been complimented on my penis multiple times over the years , especially to those that enjoy handling it and orally licking. and sucking it . In porn I have seen cocks at both ends of the spectrum as far as I am concerned . That answer was not that hard , sorry for the pun ,

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This just makes me think of the awkward attempts at bonding on Superstore (“what’s your favourite part of the penis?”).

The answer for my OH is the whole underside :grin:

For me I just think of the Robin Williams routine (“what a ridiculous lump of flesh”).


I find them very attractive. It’s why I started to question my sexuality. I don’t find men physically attractive exactly. Just the penis attached to them lol. Thick, long, freshly out of the shower. Mmmm


Some penises are attractive and others aren’t. Think it really depends on the size and shape. I am not attracted to men, but I can really appreciate a good looking cock.


Yep scrotum and penis… very pleasing to the eye…to hold…to feel…to taste and to inhale…

Not found one that hasn’t been all of the above.



I do love looking at a smooth thick hard cock. Just the sight of hubby walking around hard is enough to turn me on.

As others have said, I’ve found each of my lovers cocks nice to look at during our time together, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one (thinking that channel 4 programme of real people, not porn) where I have thought it was ugly.