Is it illegal

Hi everyone
I’ve done some googling but I can’t find a definitive answer.
Is it illegal to have sex in your car? I know you can get a fine for public indecency so sex outside (field or street etc) but the car is technically inside isn’t it? I mean nobody can see in (tinted windows) and it’s not like people can hear you. Just didn’t know if anyone has had experience of it?

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As far as I’m aware no. Just park somewhere you are less likely to be spotted.

Yeah that’s what I thought :slight_smile: thanks for the input

Hi @villagecpl - I’m going to assume you’re in the UK.

Having sex in a vehicle is not illegal in itself. As you say, the law is more about whether you’re doing it in a public space and whether anything is visible …and whether or not you get arrested for it is going to be entirely down to the judgement/whim of whichever police officer happens to be at the scene.

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@PleasureDrone hi yes sorry, UK based. It seems to be a real grey area, but it’s an area we are really wanting to play around with

I’d say you are fine just don’t go to a very public space where you are most likely to be spotted. It would be 1. Embarrassing and 2. They could call the police on you for public disturbance. This happened to one of my friends and she said it was the most embarrassing thing she has ever done.

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@sharbur thanks for the advise, also it’s good to hear of an actual experience of that kind of thing :slight_smile: thanks
Just for the record, we weren’t going to do in in a housing estate:)

As to whether it is illegal I cannot comment but I have done it many a time in a secluded area or at night. We never had any complaints or disturbances and it’s well worth the risk :wink:

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I am not a lawyer, however

In NZ (which law is based on many UK laws) there is an inherent right to privacy, except where there is exposure in such a manner that an ordinary person could observe an activity inadvertently -

Its not illegal (obviously) to have sex in your own house where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy (e.g behind closed curtains, or with the lights off at night etc), however, leave the curtains open and say turn on the lights, and the expectation of privacy no longer applies and therefore the act could be considered indecent exposure.

I suspect the same would apply to a car. If you are committing an act that may be offensive or indecent in such a manner that a normal person is likely to be exposed to it without their knowledge or consent, then it may be illegal

On private property without any intent for indecent exposure is one thing but if you tried it in an empty supermarket carpark and the police happened to drive by then as said before how you would be treated would be entirely up to them (unless you have the property owner’s permission …).

In the UK it is a very grey area whether you can walk around in public naked if you are not ‘doing anything naughty’. There was the guy from Scotland(?) who insisted on walking around naked and kept on getting arrested and imprisoned for walking on public streets naked (I think he even walked out of prison on release naked to be immediately arrested again) but perhaps he had other issues.

Don’t think it is a grey area (in the UK), you are breaking the law having sex in a public place, having said that, what teenager hasn’t so again as long as you are mindful of other people and how they might feel if they and their children accidently view what you are doing …

The interior of your car is legally not a private place. If the car is in a public place then the car interior IS a public place so all laws apply as if the car wasn’t there.

I misread that as ‘is it illegal to have sex WITH your car’ :joy:
That’s a whole other subject!


As long as it is behind a closed garage door and the vehicle has consented …