Is Latex Shiner safe on leather?

Is pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray safe to use on leather lingerie to make it more shiny?


I would have thought it would just stain it

What would you use on leather clothing to keep it shiny?

Leather isn’t really a shiny fabric so it’s not something I would personally do.

I’m not sure if this fits your situation, but I remembered reading this about leather bondage gear and thought maybe it could be similar?


A leather food would be good. Just Google it and you’ll get loads of choice. I’m not sure but I think that latex shiner is a silicone product so personally wouldn’t use it on leather.

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Is it real leather, or faux such as wet look?
Don’t think I’d try it on any of them though you could do a patch test

Saddle soap as a cleaner and softener followed by a good quality leather cream.
Sounds like a perfect chore for a sub!

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