Is my Doxy number 3 faulty?

Im itay , and I have a new Doxy number 3, and when I turn it on, it vibrate the handle and even the place the handle connect to the power cable.
its more noisy then the standard Doxy(I have a collections of cable wands and by far this one is the nosiest), even on the lower speed it more noise then others on there strongest speed(including other doxys).
If I turn it on without the head( unscrewing the head and removing it) it vibrate the handle so bad, the handle become a blur and feel like I’m holding the head instated of the handle.
when I use other heads like the sleeve the noise is to strong(when the wand doesn’t touch anything), more then doxy on the strongest level, even thought the number 3 is only one the first level.
sounds legit ? should I buy anther number 3 and compare ? or is this sound faulty?

thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t own this to be able to comment on whether it is faulty or not, but have you tried contacting customer care?

They should be able to give you some advice :blush:

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This is a common fault! (Handle vibrating more than the head) Mine started doing the same thing after a couple of months so I got it exchanged. I know several other people with the same experience.

I can’t say for definite whether yours is faulty or not but:

  • Yes they are fairly loud, even for a wand.
  • If the head is screwed on properly there should be minimal vibration in the body of the wand.
  • If you take the head off, the body of the wand will vibrate a lot.
  • If you use the attachments it will increase the noise and vibration in the body compared to the standard head. (If you unscrew the head, there is a lip of silicone at the bottom. I believe this goes in between two metal parts and stops them vibrating against each other. If you look at the attachments, they don’t have that lip)

I would suggest making sure the head is properly tightened. If you still have a lot of vibration in handle and/or what you believe to be excess noise then it might be worth seeing if you can compare it. Is there a sex shop near you that stocks them where you can turn on a display model? Or even video it and send the video to Doxy’s customer care and see what they say.

It sounds faulty.

The handle doesn t vibrate much when in use, the head does though!!!
It isn’t a quiet toy though. Also, I have no idea why, but it starts on the medium speed. Pretty daft design IMO, so you have to scroll 2 or 3 times to go lower. Once plugged and the power lowered, it remembers the power has been lowered when you switch it back on.

We have had ours since November. It has started bring very variable in the vibrations. There’s also a problem with the charge/battery. We contacted Doxy they are currently replacing it. Seems like an issue with doxy wands at the minute.

SFR and OH

Customer service is pretty poor. No updates. No information provided regarding fault. No apology or understanding that a £100 plus wand having to be sent back is an inconvenient and pretty poor manufacturing. In essence, won’t buy from them again and that’s a bit sad based on the UK factory. But quality is quality and they are, it seems, lacking. Avoid.

Is that Doxy’s Customer Service?

If you bought it from Lovehoney it’ll have a 1 year warranty on it. They’re normally really good with replacing/refunding faulty products. :+1:

Bought from Doxy. Now returned fixed but no apology.

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That’s good that you’ve got a working one. :+1: Pretty poor on the customer service side though.