Is Sliquid lube any good? (and for Fleshlight use?)


I am looking for some new lube for me to use with my Fleshlights. Currently I use the ID Glide Water Based Lube, the blue bottle. I do like this lube it lasts quite a bit and a small amout goes a long way.

The Fleshwater is okay, but prefer the above.

When my current full bottle is completed I am looking at another brand. I have been looking at the Sliquid range

This range is made from natural ingredients and has no nastys - glycerin-free, paraben-free, which does appeal to me, as you never know what chemicals do when absorb into your skin! - Or is this a 'non issue' if you don't have any reactions as I have been using this stuff for ages and not had any skin problems etc!

So wondering has anyone used this with a Fleshlight? If so does it last long? I have no problem in spraying a little water to re-activate it if nessary. The main reviews come from a female perspective, wouldn't mind a male perspective if possible....

Also if you have used it has your Fleshlight degraded in anyway? Although it is water based - I am still concerned as I have a few of them and they are expensive I don't want them to degrade. (I never use silicone for this reason!)

Also is the lube in general nice to use? Smell texture etc?


I've never heard a bad word about sliquid, and although my experience is only of sample sachets, I can only tell you positive things - as far as lubes go they set the standard really.

Sliquid is great! I don't think you'll have any problems using it with a Fleshlight.

I've never used Sliquid with a fleshlight, not got the equipment for it, but I have used Sliquid Gel with every single toy I own. I adore the stuff. Never fails and a little goes a long way. I would 100% recommend it.

I've used them together and had zero problems.

Sliquid is brilliant - I can't rate them highly enough :) xx

Thanks! I am glad it's all positive so far!

Anymore praise from guys that use it with a Fleshlight??


Possibly the best money can buy IMO

Scorpius12 wrote:

Sliquid is brilliant - I can't rate them highly enough :) xx


Whilst I've never used a fleshlight, I can't see any reason why Sliquid wouldn't be perfect with one.

The jury is out on Sliquid for anal though, see my review on the Sassy here:

Will be trying the Botanical gel very soon to give that a bash!

Perfect theead for me to read as I have my first bottle of it arriving tomorrow!

Sliquid is ammmmaazzzzzinnnnng

I wish I discovered a liquid years ago! It is the Dwayne Johnson of lubes! Oooft!

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it's. good lube, ill stock up when I am running low!!

Sliquid is the best lube on the market, I'll never use ought else. It's a million times better than any other lubes 👍💖xxx