Is the glass juicer good for non-anal use?

Everyone seems to love it, but is it worth getting if you have no plan on ever using it anally?

Honestly it depends on what you like Ruby;

I have it; and since I'm not eally in to anal it was just a case of 'OH I LIKE THIS, IMA GET IT'

I think in the year + that I've had it, I've used it just enough times to know that I didn't really like it, it did nothing for me vaginally. There wasn't enough girth for me, nor enough length with it only having an insertable length of a little over 4 inches, so there wasn't enough for it to reach my Gspot, nor be able to thrust it to get me off.

But if you don't require as much length or girth then it could actually work for you. Might as well just give it a try, I mean if you don't like it you could always send it back

I have it and it's amazing anally and we frequently reach for it during anal play but vaginally ? Dont really rate it to be honest, we only tried it a couple of times and have not used it for this again - it's not girthy enough and too short and rigid to reach my g spot and dosen't give me that lovely full feeling :( You could, as FrozenAngel says, give it a try and return it if you dont like it ? :)

Yeah get it!!

I got it as a tester and new that It was going to be too large to use anally but it's fantastic to use vaginally and I wasn't keen on glass at first but I'm glad I got it.

Read my review if you like

I would strongly suggest you get it before it's discontinued! :) X

Like Kinky&Curvy, we got this as a tester but it was too big for anal use. We love it vaginally though. My girlfriend says it feels great. I think it's especially good for couples. Because of the handle, when I use it on her I get a much better view than with other dildos. Also, if she does start wanting more girth, well I can use myself....... She really likes it on her own too, says the texture is very unique and pleasurable! Here's my review if you want to read it

I haven't been brave enough to use it up the back door yet but have really enjoyed it vaginally. I think it just depends so much on your personal geography what will work for you.

I love it vaginally, think it's awesome and totally worth getting. But the variety of opinions goes to show how individual it is. So depends on what kind of stimulation you like I guess x