Is the "Swan Wand" right for me?

I'm looking into getting a new wand so I'm hoping that you folks might have some suggestions! I am on so I don't have as much selection as the other websites. I have been despairing since my old body massager died.

Requirements in the new wand:

- Powerful. I don't mind and would actually prefer it if the lowest setting was actually low, then it graduates incrementally to a very powerful settings.

- Quiet. I have shared accommodations so I want to keep it down

- Quick turn off. Idk if it's the fault of the old vibrator being too powerful or anything but I get oversensitized when I orgasm with it.

Optional Features:

- Silicone material, but doesn't have to be,

- Patterns, which I don't usually care for

- Travel lock, a bonus but not necessary

- I do really like the dial feature as it allows you to play with the strength/speed and most importantly there are no wide jumps in between levels, which is what makes me afraid of using buttons to differentiate between set levels of power. So I'm on the fence about this feature, but I figure new toy, new experiences.

Is the Swan Wand right for me?

I'm thinking about this product as it is within my budget, waterproof, allegedly powerful (!!), and has a wide head. It's a bonus that it is made of silicone, has a travel lock, and is dual ended which is the feature that makes this stand out from the rest. I'd like to skip buying a g spot toy and just have this be my ahem jack of all trades. Reviews say that it performs like a wand. I don't like the design of the Magic Wands, I don't want anything old school looking. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this toy or others, your opinion on dial vs button control, any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

I had the Swan Wand for a while because I had got it at a very good price. However, I didn't use it enough and then suddenly it was dead (I assume that's the reason as rechargeable batteries only stay alive when used) - just after the warranty ended. So now I need to dig in my memories to talk about it ;)

What I do remember is that the whole wand vibrated, the "handle" portion as much as the "active" part, which I didn't like at all. I'm not sure whether I ever used it internally, as it's enormous - even the "small" end. The vibrations, however, were wonderful - deep and rumbly and very much better than the annoying buzzing of the LH mains powered wand - it actually makes a halfway-decent massager. But, as I found it uncomfortable to hold the wand, I hardly ever used it. :(