Is this weird?

Hi this is my first post. My wife and I have been married for nearly 13 years and still enjoy a good sex life. We enjoy toys and role play etc. Last week my wife admitted (after coming home from work mega horny and jumping me) that she fancies a ‘hot’ guy at work and that she has had many wanks about him. At first I was deeply hurt (still am a bit) but as we talked about it I also got a little turned on. A night or two later and we were making love and I put her over my knees and started to spank her and say she had been naughty perving on a man at work. This really turned her on and she climaxed a lot and squirted. Then the night before she was due to go back to work (she works part time) I killing said she should wear a certain outfit if she wants to capture the guys eye (she lacks confidence in her appearance even though she turns me on so much). The next morning she asked if I wanted her to wear the sexy outfit and I found myself saying yes. That night we made love and role played her having us both fuck her at once. She went down on me whilst using her Lovehoney plug in rabbit. She came so hard that night from the role play. I got turned on from seeing her get so much pleasure. The next day she put on another sexy outfit which made the most of her big breast and later that day she texted me and said she loved her new outfit and how good it made her boobs look. I texted her back and said imagine me and this bloke unloading on them, which made her V pulse and get very excited. We continued to message sexy texts all day and again had fun that night. I guess my question/ questions is, is this normal to be turned on, yet upset at the same time? I kinda get off on the idea of other men or woman (we almost had a MFF threesome once) wanting my wife. Anyone else been in a similar situation ?

Never been in your situation, however I do understand that the thought of other men finding her attractive is a turn on. Massive positive here is that she has been very honest with you. Just be careful how much you encourage her if you aren't sure how far you are happy for this to go.

Nothing to add to Mrs johns post, totally agree with what she wrote

I always encourage my wife to dress in an attractive way and love it when she still turns heads at 66 but I think I would draw the line at encouraging her to target one specific man.

I can't see anything "weird" about it. It's nice that she was honest, and that you've both enjoyed escalating the fantasy. Lots of guys really get off on this kind of stuff, and some couples base their whole sex life around the "cuckold" dynamic (although you aren't really a "cuckold" if you are enocuraging it to happen!).

As noted above, you do need to be careful about encourage her to seduce another man if you don't actually want her to do it. Best thing might be to have an open, honest discussion together outside of the bedroom, and see what you both actually feel about this. Is she actually hoping for a threesome, for example - or is it all strictly a fantasy?

(I would probably also be careful about spending too much work time sending sexy texts!)

I agree with defam, there's nothing weird. We women dress to attract and impress but there's always a line drawn. As husband and wife being honest to each other is the best. If there's constant encouragement, anticipate that line will be crossed.