It’s turned “windy”

Embarrassed to asked but here goes
Venturing in to my first masturbaiting session with a toy in my bum yesterday during a solo session and OMG I wish I’d had the courage to do this ages ago!!! Such a powerful feeling when I came.
But ever since I’ve been tooting and trumping like a scene from the blazing saddles campfire scene is this normal??? Also my de flowered bum feels a little sensitive today again is that normal too?? Thanks In advance


@Chosen-one Honestly nothing to be embarassed about here.
If you were enjoying some anal stimulation then any thrusting would have allowed more air to enter the rectum and therefore it’s just your body releasing it. It’s perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be concerned.

Regarding feeling sensitive, again this is quite normal, especially after your first time. It should be fine after a day, but I wouldn’t recommend any more anal fun for a day or so. :wink:

Glad you had such a good time with it. We both really enjoy anal play as well. Super fun!!


@Chosen-one don’t be embarassed, we all get windy on occasions! I have experienced the same after anal sessions which provokes huge laughter from my OH :rofl:
As @MyDeviantVirtue has said, just take it easy and let things calm down in the bum area for a while :slightly_smiling_face:


No going back now
“any way the winds blows”


Both are completely normal, and even as you get use to anal play any new or larger toys can leave you a little sensitive. Heck if you go a long time with out any anal play even toys you’ve used can leave you sensitive too.

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Yeah that’s totally normal on both counts and over time with more play and practice you’ll get used to it and the sensitivity will go or be lesser

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Don’t worry about it, all normal :+1:

And don’t feel embarrassed to ask, you have to find out somehow :wink:

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You may also find you need to use the bathroom a bit more too in the days following anal play, particularly if you are using larger toys than you might be used to.

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