JOI how do you do it?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips about how to do JOI (Jerk off instructions?) Would I just tell him to do what I would do or what I think he would normally do or should I throw in some tricks and things to spice it up a bit? I’ve never heard or seen them be done so I have no idea but I’m curious about it.


Oohhh let me see if I can copy what I use for work x
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I’ve enjoyed watching instructional, masturbation, porn in the past Especially when it starts and telling me to get undressed and pull my pants down or they’ve caught me in the act


It’s a personal thing and tastes vary so some general tips

  • watch or even better, listen to JOIs. Literotica has some good ones to get a feel for the different styles.

  • build a script of options so you can adjust depending on mood. A lot of JOIs seem to go for the fastest option which is great if thats what you’re after, but for me part of the appeal of JOIs is to surrender to someone else’s commands and take an approach I wouldn’t have if left to myself where autopilot is all too common.

  • Take a look at sites like edgemeplease and fapinstructor to get an idea of the different parameters to experiment with during a session, stroke speed, type, rhythm etc.

  • dont forget the rest of the body when starting the build up

  • incorporate breaks for edge play / teasing or if things are moving faster than you both would like

  • props and sex toys can add some variety and spice or as a visual aid to how you want things done.


I second this


We agree that toys are very good, sometime visual to see of the action , speed of hand movement etc and maybe countdown timing to start / stop :stop_sign:


Have fun with it and throw in the tricks to see how it plays out :smile:


I’m an adult performer so I do JOIs quite regularly.

It depends a little bit on what the person is into, you can do JOIs in many different ways. They might like a humiliating one, a nurturing one or whatever. :)))

But typically I start with telling them they should stop touching themselves and sit on their hands, because I’ve not given permission to touch yet. Then I often continue with making them aware of their penis. I might show with a dildo how I want them to touch themselves, which pace and so on.

Then I increase the intensity as I go, and in the end I usually do a countdown for them to cum, counting from 10 to 1 while stroking the dildo (sometimes I use the dildo on myself as well). I hope that makes sense!


In my capacity as a web cammer I do a lot of JOI’s and my methods are very similar to @Amanda87.
The cum countdown is extremely popular… I countdown from 10 to 0 and then tell them to cum.


That would be amazing thank you

I was going to watch some JOI porn to get some ideas


Thats great thank you for such detailed tips I really appreciate it.

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Thank you that’s great. I appreciate the ideas. I’ve been interested in how it works for people who do it for work. I think it could be a lot of fun and a good way to make money.

You’re welcome! It’s a favourite of mine recently as it breaks up routines and encourages more experimentation.

Cum countdowns are less of interest to me than the edging approach with a varying possibility of being then told to cum, but as ever, it’s a very personal thing.

One of my favourite JOIs was a weirdly touching Literotica tale of an onboard AI on a doomed ship trying to make a final connection with the captain she had grown to love. It had a really long build up before any mention of touching.

Another type I liked has been the JOIs that are a blended guided meditation / masturbation woth lots of deep breath work to try and stop focusing so much on the cock.

There’s so much variety to JOIs, there’s a lot to work with!

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100% :)) if it’s a humiliation JOI I charge more as well, it adds to the humiliation aspect B)

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Humiliation is harder than it sounds to do I don’t think people realise actually