Is anyone into JOI’s? I’ve been aware of them for a while, but never really tried it. Well I did very recently and it was surprisingly exciting! It also got me doing some things to myself that I don’t otherwise do, which was a nice change of pace as we all have our ‘go to techniques’.

Then it got me wondering… this could totally be something that you could try with your partner as a bit of extra spice. Ie different ideas for handjob techniques.

It then also got me wondering if anyone aware of other ‘Instructions’ outside of JOI? Eg for women to masturbate / giving oral / other certain sex acts etc? I’d love to find a number of different videos that instructs me how to do something, or gives me different ideas.

So I guess I’m asking:

  • What do people think of JOIs;
  • Do you ever do them as a couple; and
  • Is anyone aware of other instructions videos that exist?

What is jol’s sorry for being silly

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Sorry - jerk off instructions.
Basically someone gives you instructions on how to jerk off. The one I watched incorporated a little bit of edging, but I guess it can vary wildly.

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Thanks just me not good on shortend txt

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We used do this all the time when we first got together. We were both into masturbation in front of each other so JOI was a natural step.

It was so hot in our early relationship discovery phase. We will have to get back into it. I will start ‘instructing’ my husband when he gets home tonight. It will be good to return to something we previously were really into. :blush:


To a point there are some ASMR content creators that do/might do JOI, and some do both PG and non-PG stuff. Completely Casual ASMR, for example, has some JOI-like stuff on the “spicy” membership of his Patreon page, but you’d need to pay to access it and if you’re not into medical roleplay (or men!) then it probably won’t be for you.

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What is a JOI’s? :sweat_smile:

Love a JOI but also enjoy CEI (Cum Eating Instruction). Both mixed together makes for a fantastic session.

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I have in the past given some instructions and enjoyed tormenting a person :grin: It was purely via text so really he could’ve just been chatting shit. I hope he wasn’t, bc it was payback for him pretending that he was a dom, only to really BE A SUB :unamused: W​:anchor:.


Jerk off instructions

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They are a good way to shake up routines and add some edging play.

JuliaJOIs is a good account for this type of material.

A lot of the JOI videos seem to incorporate a rhythm guitar hero type visual (cock hero). There’s also sites like Fap Instructor where you can craft your own experience based on a range of different criteria using Reddits as a slideshow.

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, fap roulette creates a full on experience.

Oooh now it all makes sense!! :sweat_smile:

That’s awesome. I may start playing around with incorporating this idea

You should have asked him for evidence or done it over FaceTime hahah.
I think that the idea of JOI in general is a more submissive thing to do.

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I will take a look into these! Thanks a lot for the suggestions!!

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He would send photos of the results but it could’ve been from any time really. But yes, facetime would’ve been better just to know. I didn’t particularly want to watch, I more just wanted him to suffer lol this is why I’m not a dom, my emotions get in the way :rofl: