July's Testing - Lotions and Potions for Better Sex

We're testing lotions and potions this month - orgasm enhancers, delay creams and a whole host of wipes, conductive gel and all sorts!

If you would like to test any of the following toys, please add them to your Orgasm Army wishlist and make sure it is public so I can see it. Add those that take your fancy - there is no limit - but don't add something if you think you might not like it. Where's the fun in that?

I will be removing toys as they are sent and you will be getting an email letting you know they've been dispatched.


  • If you have no reviews to your name, I can't send you a product to test. So get reviewing now for the next shout out - please read this thread for more information.
  • VERY important - if you don't have an address on your profile, I couldn't send it to you even if I really wanted to! To add your address, click on your account, go to manage your address book, then enter your address and click save! Make sure your address is up to date.

I have 5 x delay wipes we are thinking of stocking - if you are interested in trying these in addition to another tester item, just let me know you've updated your wishlist and you wouldn't mind a wipe too.

Pjur Woman Moisturising Toy Lubricant 100ml

Adam and Eve Marathon Desensitising Spray 118ml

Adam and Eve Oral Sensations Gel 118ml

Blackstone Delay Spray 15ml

Blue Zeus Single Liquid Shot 25ml

Bois Bande Erection Enhancer 100ml

Comfortably Numb Spearmint Deep Throat Spray 29ml

CoolMann Male Potency Tablets (60 Tablets)

Delay Forte Performance Spray for Him 20ml

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Powder

Drop Sex Arousal Potion 20ml

Earthly Body Massage Oil Sample 30ml

Hair No More Inhibitor Spray 120ml

Hair No More Soothing Gel 58ml

Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray for Women 30ml

Lelo Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner Spray 60ml

Lure for Her Pheromone Spray 29.5ml

Maximum Penis Cream 45ml

Medi-Touch Disposable Latex Gloves (10 Pack)

Mojo Pro Pheromone Wipe For Men (1 Pack)

Mystim Electrode Conductive Gel 50ml

Natural Delay Spray 30ml

Pasante Mix Flavoured Latex Dams (6 Pack)

Penis XL Enlargement Tablets (60 Tablets)

Penis XXL Cream 80ml

Penix Active Size Up Cream 75ml

Pink Daisy Intimate Bleaching Cream 40ml

Pink Venus Pills 850mg (2 Capsules)

Pink Venus Single Liquid Shot 25ml

Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray 250ml

Pjur Superhero Performance Delay Spray for Men 20ml

Pro Solution Male Enhancement Pills (60 Capsules)

Pro Solution Stimulating Gel 60ml

Rock Hard Penis Enlargement Tablets (30 Tablets)

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 60ml

Shunga Rain of Love G Spot Arousal Cream 30ml


Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray 12ml

The Ultimate Bull Power Delay Gel 30ml

Tickle Her G-Spot Arousal Gel 2ml Sachet

V-Active for Men Penis Power Spray 50ml

V-RX Male Delay Cream 15ml

V-RX Male Delay Cream 6ml

V-RX Performance Pack

Venicon Lust Stimulator for Women (4 Capsules)

Viaherbal Ginseng & Wolfberry Complex Extracts (1 Capsule)

Viaherbal High Endurance Capsules (10 Capsules)

Vishagra Pink Pill (2 Capsules)


Hi Alice

Added a couple of things that look interesting.


Oooh, fantastic choice of items, have added the ones we are most interested in to our OA List, :)

You can find the current tester information in the Testers category.