Just need a little advice

Bought this for my girlfriend https://www.lovehoney.com.au/sex-toys/dildos/realistic-dildos/p/lifelike-lover-basic-slimline-realistic-anal-dildo-6-inch/a38281g70651.html#productReview

She can be very tight sometimes and this is the perfect size, But the suction cup does not stick at all, To no surfaces at all we have to use sticky tape on the floor and that’s all that’ll work.

Do you guys have nay ideas we could do? Like is there a external suction cup we can buy to attach to it or another dildo like this that’s as small as it is?

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There are double sided suction cups if you just have a quick google :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just make sure the circumference of the suction cup is smaller than the base of the dildo :relaxed:

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Have you tried adding a bit of water to the suction part before trying to stick it on a smooth surface?


And push it down so some of the water comes out and makes a bit of a vacuum?

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If you bought it less than a year ago it’ll still be in warranty, and you should contact Customer Care and see if they can sort you out. A suction cup dildo that has no suction is likely faulty. :+1:

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Yes exactly!

Ours was the same but a bit of spit and sticking it to a bit of glass and moving it around worked really well. Now it sticks to most surfaces

If not, the refunds team are excellent at Lovehoney

That really doesn’t look like a suction cup base to me. Try adding a little liquid to the base but otherwise I think you should speak to customer service, they’re fab.

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