kegel balls

Any one kindly give tips on kegal balls..... how they can help etc? considering getting one... but unsure which ones is best..... this is my first time posting on here

many thanks

Hi there, first and foremost welcome to the forums๐Ÿ‘

Legal balls are one of the most wonderful creations I've discovered. The benefits go far beyond sexual pleasure.

They're fantastic for enhancing orgasms for both him asnd her during play.

The affects on the PC muscles are incredible and noticeable within days.

They help with bladder control.

Some people find them arousing, but I personally don't get aroused wearing them.

Are you looking at a particular set? I'd recommend going for a light weighted set to start with like the lovehoney basics which are 56 grams and have a free roaming ball which ups the chances of arousal. And actually to totally contract myself that set were mildly arousing, kind of like a slow build up. Sorry its the only kind I've owned with a free roaming ball a couple of years back. You'll most likely of seen there's plenty of sets about with various weights and styles to gradually work through.

Hope that's beneficial ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’–xx

I would also say you can have look on youtube also and see what other for advice as well as here. I find that youtube is the go to place for me lol. It has everything i could need.

I would say that be aware of the size of them and how that relates to your anatomy! I bought a set and underestimated the size of them, while not uncomfortably large for me there was no real effort required to retain them as, without being overly vulgar, they were big enough for me that they just stuck so my muscles weren't actually doing any work to retain them! They might have been fine for others but not me.

I went for a Lelo set which I'm sure LH sells. What I liked about those is they had a smaller version, the set is two pairs of balls and each pair is a different weight and these pop into a retainer so you can mix and match to make different combinations of weights. These first me were a good size as while there's no risk of them falling out my muscles do have to work to retain them and I do feel that my muscles have had a workout with them after I've worn them for a bit. They are dearer but for my needs and the different weight combinations it was good.

I have this Tracey Cox set which is really good.

1.4oz ball to start and the 2.8oz duo to work up to. The silicone cord is super comfy so it doesn't chafe like some came. They're a good size so you have to work to keep them in but you're not at risk of the randomly falling out.

Kegel balls are definitely a good investment for any women. 100% recommend these.

That's a good point about the bigger but less weighted balls being more uncomfortable. There's also the fsog set which comes with four different weighted balls, is silicone and a very good set ๐Ÿ’–xx

I have the Lovehoney set, you can read the reviews to help you decide, I found them very effective after a short while of building up to the bigger heavier ones.