Kegel exercises male and female

Hey everyone, just been doing a bit of reading and came across kegel exercises.
Just wondering who does them, have you benefited from doing them and how long until you noticed a difference?
Looking for a bit of feedback on the subject.

Hi there I was terrible for remembering to do them so use kegel balls which makes me do them without thinking and can feel great results within two weeks.

They have great health benefits as well as sexual benefits. It is great for guys to do them too but I don't think there is anything out there like kegel balls for guys at the moment.

There are many types of Kegel balls from many brands, lelo do the Luna beads and lovehoney do sell quite a collection

I think I've benefitted, I'm in my 20s, not had kids yet but I always struggled when I was desperate for a wee holding it in (never wet myself, luckily) so I started doing Kegel excersizes at first without anything and then I bought the lelo noir beads.
I found it easier to do my excersizes then because I could tell I was contracting my muscles simply as they weren't falling out and they're pretty small beads.
I have noticed a difference...I can't say for sure how long it took but I am able to control my bladder a lot better than before 👌🏻
As far as Kegel excersizes go for men, apart from seeing the joke dick Dumbbells flying around the Internet I'm not entirely sure there is anything available that could be of use
Hope this has been some help x

Hi yes as a guy I have done them regularly since I was a teen. You don't need to be erect to do them but initially it helps you understand and focus on the correct muscles your trying to contract if you can see your erect penis moving up and down hands free. Another is to stand when peeing and keep stopping your pee. Once you've got the core of these muscles then you can grip or flex them anytime . I find sitting or driving is a good position.

Why do guys need to do them ?

Actually there are a few good reasons. One is blood flow , to maintain a good firm erection then blood flow is Paramount. Doing these exercises will help maintain even increase it.

Next is if you understand the male internal sexuual anatomy then the PC or pelvic floor muscle can clamp on and bear around the prostate and Cowper's glands. Enabling you to both stimulate your own orgasm and enhance it but also with control and practice hold back your impending ejaculation. I could go into more depth but if your interested its explained and taught in the Kamasutra and tantric methods.

Finally if both you and your partner have practiced and built up muscle tone its possible to have sex by purely using this exercise and no pelivic thrusting required at all. For the woman its known as the Shanghai grip supposedly first used and taught by Geishas in its brothels. The gripping and squeezing is like milking the penis.( this is rumoured to be what Mrs Wallace used on a less than well endowed Prince Edward and why he would not leave her and subsequently abdicated).

For guys you can rub a woman's g spot just by flexing your PC muscle.

As a fascinated teenager I started by lifting my face cloth with my erection . building up to a bath towel then a heavier wet one.

So yes I really advocate it.

I have done kegal exercises since I fell pregnant with my eldest. I would do them at every red traffic light when I was in the car, during adverts on tv, when going up stairs. I was told it would help with labour and it did. I remember sneezing and feeling like. Was going to wet myself but managed to hold it all on!

Now I still do them, I have 2 sets of kegal balls which really help tone up.

Yes they are a very good idea, they help with your bladder control for females and erectile dysfunction in men. It is difficult to remember to do them unless you have a routine.

I just bought my wife the gold LH 56g jiggle balls but she is finding them a bit uncomfortable. She has quite a tight pussy even after having a child but one goes in ok and the other doesn't seem to go in deep enough. lube used to help them in but they don't feel right. Shame , she was looking forward to using them for a turn on and a bit of pleasure. Anyone experienced the same?

Captain Cave Man - She might need kegel balls with a smaller diameter. I find regular kegel balls to be too big for me, they just get stuck, don't give me a work out and feels uncomfortable.

She might like something like this

Ok Sxleksaker will ask her if she fancies giving them a try. Thanks.

We have been researching this tonight as a bit of fun, we had read it can increase intensity of orgasm and for him it can increase ejaculation strength, includong how far it *ahem* shoots.

He seems to find it preety easy stopping and starting a wee and flexing an erection up and down but just doing then when sitting he says is difficult to use the correct muscle all the time!

I suppose with anything, the more you do it the easy it will get!

I do kegal exercises every day and have been for just over a year now...cant recomend them enought..
But..i woildnt recommend the "stopping yourself" peeing technique for doing it to much is bad for you and can lead to UTI's..once.your found the right muscles to use stop doing it whilst peeing.
But beyond that...get them done..their great...
I haven't added weight i have a prince albert so the weight of the ring adds resistance.