Kinkiest /naughtiest things you have done

Washing with Original Source Mint shower gel was more than enough for me! Oh the ring sting!

Had sex in an occupied swimming pool, had sex int middle of a lorry park (if the cabs a rockin don’t come a knockin) and sex in a tent (naughtier than it sounds but a long story!)

Had sex in the blue lagoon in Iceland. When we told our friends afterwards (they were there also) they replied “we know… It was quite obvious what you were doing”. They just drifted away and left us at it.


Brought my wife to a great orgasm with a ribbed metal rod in her pee hole and fingers on her clit.

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@Amunique . Hand sanitizer!!! That would certainly smart a bit. As Alecia Keys sang
:musical_note: she’s a girl and she’s on fire.:musical_note:

  1. Used to give myself a piss enema and squirt it out in the shower/bath

  2. Drinking my partners piss in the shower probably

  3. Threesome with 2 other guys, where I was the middle toy (I miss those days)! Had lots of fun with that


Wow,awesome!I too used to receive a piss enema off my ex using her urine.I would reciprocate but the only difference i would remain in the bath and let her squirt over me,sort of getting my own back as she called it.Sometimes as a treat after a normal cleansing enema we would insert a bag full of those chocolate covered brazil nuts into each others asses and then go into a 69 to feed each other the little chocolate covered treats.Bed sheets always needed a clean afterwards but it was oh so sexy.


It sure did @Iwill :joy: brought tears to my eyes, I won’t make that mistake again. They were both in pump bottles so a very easy mistake to make. That’s a good song lol

@Amunique … i could feel your pain.
We had run out of toilet wipes and as i take a great pride in personal hygiene, i thought squirting hand sanitizer on loo roll was a stroke of ingenuity… it wasnt.!!.. think of a Johnny Cash hit song.

Passing ice cubes from mouth to mouth with a previous girl friend was very erotic.
Passing it from my mouth in to her other lips was even more so.!!

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Oh ouch @Iwill :joy::joy: so glad I ain’t the only numpty :joy:

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Tough to answer in some ways when you think that one man’s kinky smorgasborg is another man’s Tuesday night. I also have been monogamous to/with my wife since we got together age 18, so it’s all pretty relative.

1. Whats the naughtest/kinkest thing you have done alone? I suppose masturbating with a full range of toys - plugs, vibrating prostate massager, stroker, nipple clamps, cockring, all while watching home movies. Nothing gets me off like hearing my wife cum.

2. With your partner? Either pegging or eating her creampie are probably considered the kinkiest. But we’ve engaged in a whole range of BDSM activities (we’re both pretty switchy). DP is probably my favorite thing with the prime confluence between the axes of frequency and kinkiness.

3. With some one else before you met your partner and do they know about it? I masturbated with/side-by-side a male friend a couple times, in a pretty dark environ and no touching. Or some sexy chat with classmates back in the pre-video MSN/AOL days - including masturbating and narrating it.


sucked three guys off in the cinema club one afternoon in a 90 minute session - it emptied the club! Great revenge for how a girlfriend had treated me.

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Recently told my wife that I trust her enough that if she wants another cock, or MMF that I’m happy enough for her to take it. But only if I’m there to join in or watch…
Been together 14 years and we’ve just got kinkier.
Ended up in a swingers club the following weekend to just get an taste of it. Nothing happend apart from us fucking but was a massive turn on for us to walk round in or skimpy outfits watching others .
Joined fab swingers and hopefully soon the MMF will happen


What a dream :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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