Kinkiest /naughtiest things you have done

questions to ladies and gents 1. Whats the naughtest/kinkest thing you have done alone. 2. With your partner? 3. With some one else before you met your partner and do they know about it?

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1. Cuffed my ankles to Spreader bar used the high roller p-spot massager and a fleshlight.

2. Probably when my partner cuffed my wrist to the door, ankles to the spreader, twisted and pulled my hair while fucking me.

3. Threesome in a pool change room at 1 am with a fling and tinder match. Yes my boyfriend knows he thinks it's hot and wishes he'd been there.


We regularly end up butt plugged, nipple clamped, blindfolded and restrained then penetrated anally (her or me depending on preference). It’s a regular part of our lovemaking so we don’t really regard it as kinky or naughty anymore.

When we go out we sometimes wear remote control vibrating butt plugs (me) or eggs (her).

A lover of mine once wrapped me entirely in cling film leaving only my penis exposed then proceeded to use me as her toy. The same lady once arrived with a knife and insisted that I cut her clothes off before having sex with her. While she was resting I went to the kitchen and secretly got a spoon. I stroked that over her clitoris but I told her it was the knife. She was so turned on that her clitoris was amazingly hard and erect, Never seen anything like it before or since.


I think having a page on fetlife for myself posting photos and taking part in discussions is probably my solo kinky activity.
With hubby it’s probably using toys out in public and having sex out and about too.
Hubby is my first kinky partner so can’t say much for number 3.


1, With the Misses. Probably gone shopping with her anally plugged whilst also having a remote vibration egg in her pussy. Watching her trying to keep in control was hilarious!

2, Alone, got to be my extreme sounding and anal stretching.

3, Went with a very horny girlfriend a canal trip with another couple. We were sat on the front of the boat whilst they were at the back driving, very hot day so both had short on, he say on me her legs hanging over the front of the boat and me inside her via our short leg openings. It was great but once her female cousin came to talk to us for about 10mins and then we went under a bridge and when we came out the other side there was a pub garden full! We didn’t realise at first so they got a bit of a show!! Sorry its a long one and no my Misses doesn’t know about that cus it quite messy.

  1. What I’ve done alone: maybe electro sounding or hycolonic with wine (failed to even give me a buzz).
  2. With your partner: night time drive along the back roads semi nude with hands in action.
  3. With some one else: nothing to report on that score…

Probably the most kinky / scary thing I did was open up to my OH about wanting to be dominated and calling her mistress for the first time whilst dresssed just in my collar and cuffs. Everything we’ve done since might be seen as kinkier than that (although nothing that extreme to be honest) but the nerves and apprehension that she’d either break up with me or simply refuse to indulge me was a pretty scary time!


With a partner I’ve been tied spread eagle on bed blindfolded and gagged being whipped all over especially over my pussy and tits then had a dildo pushed into my arse and pussy whilst photos were taken of me.

On my own I’ve used different toys on myself until I cum I love to film myself and eat it.

With others I love a good sexting group- sending pics and videos to strangers gets me off. I love pissing for them and having them tell me how they’d control me. It’s great one on one but even better in a group chat where 2 men or women or combination talk about what they’d do to me, humiliate me and call me names etc


Out of curiosity how do you meet people for that? Whenever I’ve tried online domming I meet people in USA with time zones that don’t match so doesn’t work as well. Or cat fishers.

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1 - Not much :thinking:
2- handjob on a boat tourism tour alone at back of boat on top deck under our blanket to keep warm. "Generic bdsm stuff in bedroom tieing up light flogging etc.
3- public sex in a dirty stairwell while her ex husband of a few weeks was still in her flat. They’d broken down and not been intimate for 3 years and she was making up for lost time. No, they’re less kinky then me and less interested in it.


I found that I post in a chat room and give my snapchat name , I have created a separate account for this and then decide who I click with

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I saw an amateur domme, a few times .
She wasn’t the stereotypical leather clad mistress , she just wore a White blouse and Black skirt . She was very confident tho .
She introduced me to anal play and used to finger me a lot .
She is the only woman that has ever got me to my safe word . Then , she would become very caring and gentle , before checking I was OK to continue .
She used to end every session with a caning , and tell me that it was her time , and that my safe word would not stop it !!!
She actually made me cry with both agony and pure exctasy.
After the session , we’d have a cup of tea, and discuss all current affairs topics lol . It was quite bizzare , but very enjoyable


That’s interesting, may I ask why you stopped visiting? Always a fantasy of mine


I was worried about my ( now ex ) wife finding out.
She is still active ( pre lockdown) and has a few slaves .
The knowledge that I was just one of her “harem” actually made it more exciting .


Just as an add on to my original post . She also used to engage in "toilet training.
This involved ordering me ( and any other slaves ) to drink a couple of glasses of ice cold water on arrival , so that I would need to pee very soon .
When I needed to pee , during the session , I’d have to raise my hand and say " may I use the toilet, please , mistress " .
Sometimes she’d make me wait a few minutes . If she gave permission , I was led to the toilet, she’d pull my White pants down ( the uniform I had to wear ) and watch while I peed .
It was so humiliating.
I loved every second of it !!


The naughtiest things I’ve done are with my hubby, we’ve done plenty of sneaky sex in public places, once we went out for my birthday, he got me so horny I couldn’t wait until we got home, we went into the park found a bush and pulled out his coat pocket handcuffs, (he planned it all) he said to me get your hands behind your back now, so I obeyed him he then said to me suck it, so I obeyed him once again, he then said get up and he pulled my knickers down and we had amazing sex


Most won’t believe this but it is true 1.fucked my own ass with my own cock, 2.let her put a finger in my dot.3n/a

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That’s so awesome we’re looking for similar type things

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  1. Right now I’d have to say sucking my own cock, as this only happened a week or so ago, came pretty quickly.
  2. Rimming and making her squirt at the same time, blind folded and cuffed.
  3. Childhood sweethearts so can’t answer this one
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Too many to list :face_with_hand_over_mouth: