How many here always start a session with kissing their OH or partner?

Mrs. Val and I were talking about it during our session last night. We shared a bath and then moved to the bed. It wasn’t a long sex session, simply some mutual masturbation with me bringing her to orgasm with ALOT of nipple play and then finishing inside her on my own.

We only kissed for about 10 seconds and the rest was mouths everywhere else.

If you do kiss, what do you like? Loads of tongue? Biting? Aggressive sucking and licking or small pecks and soft touches? After our session we were talking about kissing and both agreed we could take it or leave it during sex. But we did agree that we liked it to get the juices flowing ahead of a session. And no crazy stuff, just passionate kissing instead. I do like sucking on her tongue - she doesn’t care for it.

I have seen some long videos of women kissing and it is a turn on, but we both agree that a long kissing session isn’t really for either of us


I loooooove my hubby and love everything he does to me but I can give or take kissing him. I have always been a huge lover of kissing and a past partner had a tongue piercing and kissing him invariably turned into way more but I don’t know what it is about hubby but it just doesn’t float my boat. We peck and have a little smooch but never full on make out sessions which I admit I do miss. Long story short it really isn’t essential to us at all.


Usually starts off with a pretty decent make out session while we’re running our hands all over each other, and usually wraps up with a bit of a make out when we’re all done. Almost no kissing during sex though. I love making out with loads of tongue though! Enjoy making it playful too and having a flirty laugh with each other while in that pre-sex make out session.


Kissing a much underrated activity. IMHO.


I love kissing, there’s a certain way he kisses me and that kiss definitely tells me what he wants and that he’s in the mood, it certainly gets the juices going, especially when his hands start to wonder.

We start off with kissing, then I kiss, bite and lick my way down to perform oral. Every now and then, he’ll grab me to kiss me, then put my head back down to where it was. Depending on what happens after, there’ll be more kissing in between.

During PIV or anal, he’ll start the kissing again (depending on the position) if we’re going slow, then it’ll be gentle kissing. But if it’s a passionate, hard and fast, then the kissing will be passionate too, and sometimes he bites my lip as well. He says he loves feeling my tongue bar when we use our tongues.


I love kissing my partner she loves it to. To me its such a turn on, if she giving me handjob she knows a passionate kiss will help me to finish in no time at all


sometimes we kiss sometimes we don’t, but when we do kiss deeply and passionately he may as well forget everything else because I am ready! I’m not sure even after all these years whether hubby has really realised this lol


I am sure he does. I can tell whether Mrs. Val is “kissing” or simply “kissing back”.

I think it’s like saying “I love you” and then saying “I love you too”. The initiation of the kiss says alot.


I feel like the odd one out here but im not a fan of kissing in general. I think its a sensory thing as i dont like his face near my ears or neck for more than a few seconds either and i hate feeling someone elses breath on me. We kiss everyday as husband and wife but more prolonged pecks rather than full blown snogs


I’m so glad I read this thread, I always felt awful that I don’t enjoy kissing my husband! I love him very much but kissing just doesn’t do anything for me. We do kiss frequently but never more than a few seconds, usually a quick peck to say I love you and never with tongues but I’d far rather have a hug instead. Like you @Kh1985, I imagine some of this is due to sensory issues and I’ll admit that I think part of it is that we just haven’t a clue what to do (I’ve enjoyed kissing in the past with other people but I was always a bit tipsy, never enjoyed it otherwise)!

I know I’m still in the minority but at least it’s not just me!


We kiss frequently. From a quick kiss as we pass in the house to passionate kisses in the throes of orgasm.

I kiss her anywhere on her body. She is less expansive.

The time I desperately need to kiss her is when I’m taking her strap-on in cowboy and im emotionally overwhelmed. I lean forward and kiss her passionately.


Oooh wow yes i can understand that totally

I think there is a time and place. If I walk in from work and don’t give her a kiss to say hi, or at the beginning of the day to say “goodbye”, she thinks there is something wrong or that I am upset… but we never “kiss” - do you know what I mean? It’s not like we stand in the kitchen while getting the kids out the door to school and make out with each other…

Yet we also rarely kiss during sex.

The kiss I love most is during or after oral sex when I kiss her after either her performing oral on me to let her know I want to taste myself, or vice versa when I want her to taste herself… the kiss is “different”, sensual and more of a “taste/lick” than a kiss.

After posting this and reading the comments, I agree that a kiss can say so many different things, or nothing at all.

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I loooove kissing, it’s my favourite thing. We definitely do a lot of kissing before moving on to anything else.
With kissing there is touching, usually everywhere but the genitals, which I really like. I like to touch and stroke everywhere else on his body because I love all of him.

It’s interesting, to me at least… my kissing style has changed. We’re definitely passionate kissers, it slows and is sensual at times and other times its tongues, lip biting, theres growling too haha we get a bit primal. I always hated tongues, I would only ever have lightly touched tongues, and now I love it so much that I love sucking his tongue, it even gets me over the edge if an orgasm is evading me. I didn’t see that happening, ever!

He did trick me a bit, he knew kissing was a massive deal for me, if the kissing wasn’t good then it wasn’t going to go any further and he knew I hated tongues, which he usually brings up after I’ve been sucking on his tongue. The first time we were together there was one tongue moment that made me debate continuing, for just a second, the rest of the kissing was so good and now he’s sucked me in or rather has got me to do the sucking in :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll not tell him this though, he’d enjoy getting one over on me too much :rofl:


I think we are kind of in the middle. We both like it but neither of us like it to the point of snogging every day. However, every single day or if one of us is leaving the other we have a peck goodbye and if this doesn’t happen the ecosystem of our relationship gets mighty confused.

Most sessions involve at least little bit of kissing especially if it’s more of a passionate, sensual session and some of our best ones has been him biting or sucking my lip as we reach orgasm - I think because we really don’t do it every single time it hits real good when it does happen.


I won’t kiss unless I actually “like” the person that I’m involved with. I’ve always associated kissing as being very intimate and personal, and I’ve come to realize that it leads to more feelings and emotions than I’m comfortable sharing. More than once I’ve let my emotions get to me, and I’ve invested myself into a person who hasn’t been invested in me.

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Interested subject. We kiss far more now that we are trying to put our relationship back together than ever before.


I think kissing is usually a good way to start up a sexy session as it’s like a loving gesture what isn’t too full on yet allows the other person know your feeling perky :grin:

For me depending on my mood I like normal kissing, maybe a bit of tongue if feeling adventurous but usually at some point I’ll bite their lip and suck on it to show I’ve a wild rough side.

Funny how you can tell so much from a kiss now I’m thinking about it :sweat_smile:

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I like kissing at the beginning, and all through the session as well. With girls, that’s a big harder to do since a lot of the pleasure is oral and their mouths are very busy. With multiple female partners there’s more kissing than 1-on-1.

With my husband, I love missionary position for PIV or anal. I often have the experience of my tongue getting sucked while he’s cumming inside me. Sometimes I’ll nip his lip just a bit, and maybe growl a little. I’m only half-domesticated, after all. :smirk: I’m not going to submit to getting filled up without a little pushback, no matter how much I desired it and enjoy it.


I love kissing. A proper passionate kiss can really get me in the mood. A normal kiss is lovely too