Ladies - Is size really important?

We all know the saying "its not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean that counts". But honestly ladies what is the perfect size?

Totally depends on vagina size and personal preference!
There's no one size fits all in my opinion.

I think having sex above your own size when gay is hard but that's just me. But everybody is the same when vertical aye ...

I think that most women would say size is very important. I myself would love to be bigger in that area. Unfortunately we have to use what we have been given in life. There are devices on the market to aid size and I sure they give satisfaction. But they are not natural.

This is something that comes up a lot. One of the most asked questions about sexual enjoyment ever I reckon.

Short answer in my opinion is no. I have been with large men and small men. It's all about knowing how to use it, how to make the best of whatever you have.

Girth is better than length I suggest as its no point being long if you can't touch the sides !

A common question. I think there are a few threads on this if you use the search bar.

For the most part though size doesn’t matter. Technique and enthusiasm are a lot more important. It only matters to me if they’re too big!

Yes, I'm the same. Too big can be an issue because it's painful. For me this goes for girth and length, both can be a problem.
Personally I'm not that big into PiV (penis in vagina) sex anyway, so it's really not a big deal for me lol, there's plenty of other fun things to do in the bedroom!

My partner agrees with girth being the tbing thst gives the best pleasure in sex. Mayb shes saying that to comfort me. Haha. Who cares as long as eachothers needs are being met in every way both in the bedroom and out.

Hells Teeth, MalRoss - if I had a tenner for everytime I've heard this question from a guy I'd be quite a rich lady! It really don't matter, My Love!!

For most of us, girls, It all come's down to tecnique! I've been with BIG guys, and even a guy with whats termed a 'micro penis' (poor guy had had his confidence knocked by so many nasty, horrid girls being mean to him so he really hadn't a clue what to do... he was ashamed and didn't want me to see, or to do anything to please him...but that's another story!)

For me, it all come's down to foreplay - do love PIV sex...but it takes a good 'grinding guy' to make me come that way without the aid of a clit vibe! I'd say PIV is over-rated in most cases anyway...but saying that...a nice thick dick goes a long way towards satisfaction, as does a nice long one! Iagree with all of the above comments - especially mdavis comment 'who cares as long as each others needs are being met in every way both in the bedroom and out' x

My wife prefers girth to length. We have in our group of friends 2 guys who are extra, extra long, We call them "horse" and "donkey" because of their length. One measures eleven and half inches but as narrow as a candle and the other is a good ten inches. None of the ladies like being used by either as they both crash into their cervix so the ladies don't get much joy out of it. All of the ladies we play with prefer girth. Once these guys have performed they deflate and can't seem to get it together again.

For me, size doesn’t matter, girth is important but I’ve been with ‘big’ before, but I found it uncomfortable, I’ve been with smaller and had much more fun! It really is all about ‘the motion in the ocean’ for me.

I would say enthusiasm and good sexual chemistry is far more important than size. If I had to choose, I'd prefer bigger girth over bigger length (all contributes to that full feeling thats a personal preference for me) but on the whole if a guy is willing to put the effort in and get me off then I'm not fussed about his size!

Size is not important to me......who owns it and is using it is xx

Girth and length are both important. I personally like someone larger in both but I have friends who prefer the opposite. Each to their own.