Ladies what positions make you cum??

I've decided to try some new positions to make sex more sitisfying for me but I'm just not to sure which postions make you cum loads? HELP!! :)

For us, doggy style is my OH's favourite position, mainly because it's a good angle and I know what to do to get her off. For us it can be all about differing strokes giving different orgasms. Pounding deep can hit her g-spot and give her earth shattering orgasms where her whole body spasms, but rubbing her clit can give her smaller yet still satisfying that make her want more.

Cowgirl is also a position she can come in, mainly though by leaning back more to enable my penis to hit her g-spot, and/or by me also stroking her clitoris (easy access in this position).

Missionary is the hardest position she finds to come in without manual stimulation, although once I touch her clitoris she cums very, very quickly. I think its the pleasure from sex in this position is a great lead up to orgasm but just doesn't get her over the top.

It's all about experimenting with your OH to see what you both enjoy most, which position he can 'handle' you best in and which positions hit the right spots for you. Maybe he doesn't know you're feeling like this therefore maybe positions like cowgirl where you can control what internal spots he hits and, if he's not feeling up to it, can play with your own clitoris to make you cum. Sometimes just pressure on your g-spot or other internal areas will make the orgasm better.


My OH prefers the intimacy of being face to face. Her best position is on our side, so imagine starting off in missionary, man between womans legs, then roll onto side a little and her knees come up a bit and so do mans legs, almost curling around under her bum. Then the angle of penetration is good for G-spot stimulation and you can also enjoy kissing each other. It's a slow moving position very nice.

Missionary doesn't do much for me, I prefer from behind or me on top. I like rough nipple play and that's easiest when I'm on top.

im not keen in up against the wall sex either, it sounds hot and it is for foreplay, but I just end up always banging my elbow or my head or OH slips out. That definitely looks hotter than it feels lol.

I prefer doggy style, it does make me orgasam a lot.

Why not look in to some 'sex games' which offer new positions and other fun stuff to spice things up.

Like these there's plenty of other ones.

Mrs BigBikeGuy here, my personal favorite is missionary, I like the close intimate feel of him both in a grinding type way and also a good pounding sex. I also like to come on top of him & doggy but tend to need more manual clit stimulation during doggy.

I think this is such a personal thing, you can only experiment to see what works for you.

Much as i love doggy, it's usually too painful.

Cowgirl is great but my dodgy knees make it hard to maintain a good rhythm

My OH loves a bit of starfish.... flat on her back, knees up and me pounding away! She crumbles every time!!

For my girlfriend, she always cums when riding me on top, a mixture of me taking control and smashing her really hard with her switching control to riding and bouncing on my dick, always works!

Depends on what my wife and I are doing.

If we are having penetrative sex she likes missionary but if I'm giving her oral she likes to straddle my face and usually cums fairly quickly. I think this is partly because in this position I can stimulate her nipples and clit at the same time.


Thanks guys! One position that really does it for me right now is laying on my belly, my leg spread open, and my sexual partner on top off me.. get's me everytime! I wanted to try something new though so thanks :)

Pinknails wrote:

I've decided to try some new positions to make sex more sitisfying for me but I'm just not to sure which postions make you cum loads? HELP!! :)

hi hun my fav position is doggy or him on top with my legs over his shoulders :) most of the time with my hands tied :D have a go and enjoy x

Doggy or me on top always a winner