Ladys what would you think if someone asked you this?

Ive been thinking about the thread i posted the other day about my fantasy coming true,I was wondering would kind of reaction would i get if i had the chance to ask it,I now know my girlfriend might of thought thats a bit weird but might of done it when we first met,So at least i know thats one person that would of been ok with it.

Just to go over it for those who didn't read it:

My fetsih is womens worn underwear

So if you had met someone in a pub or club and you got on really well and started flirting with each other what would your reaction be if he then said to you that you really turn him on etc.. and what would be great to finish of the night is if he could wear your underwear as that would be the sexist thing ever knowing he has a bit of you and your lovely scent. Would it be a thing you would consider doing how would you react towards him and that question?

A randomer in a bar? Probably no. Not because I have any issue with the concept of giving someone worn undies - although my fella might! - but because if I'm out and flirting, I'll either have pretty panties on and won't want to break a set or give away actually expensive underwear, or I'll have 'comfy' pants on that look gross and no way in hell I'm letting anyone see them!

Fair comment

But what if you could have them back if you were wearing expensive or a set would you then let him wear it for the rest of that night if you knew you would get them back?

i don't think i'd go for it either. most my pants are the comfy kind anyway and it's not something i would like to do with a stranger.

there's the risk of sti's and lice and transmitable skin conditions and things, so even if i got them back i probably wouldnt wear them again

if it was a committed partner then i don't think that i'd mind.

I don't think I'd do this either, nowt to do with having a pretty set on and not wanting them to get ruined (although if they were an old discoloured pair it'd be a defo no! That said, if I was out I doubt I'd have them on anyway) and not because of STD's although thats a good point.

I think it'd be more to do with my own embarrasment of not having any on! And depending on what I was wearing. I just don't think I'd be brave enough lol!

Angel x

Got some good points about sti/lice.

But i have to admit its allways been in my head and when you are drunk sensible thoughts goes out the window.

No I would not..

I don't have an issue of men wearing female underwear but I am never going to share mine.

Thanks for all those who took time to read and answer as i was curios to what the answer would be for most people.

A fantasy can be a wonderfull thing

At least my girlfriend offered to act out my fantasy

that would be fair


the type of men that say that within minutes of meeting are not the type of man i would bed sorry reaction would be a slap

My instant reaction was to say no, but people have made some good points. If I liked the guy and it was the end of the night (dont want to be dancing with no knickers - especially as I'm usually wearing a dress when I go out) then I might do it. It would depend on how the guy came across though, and yes, the knickers I was wearing