Largest anal toy you've used

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What is the largest toy you've used anally? How long did it take you to work up to something of that size? Do you think you could go bigger? Would you want to?

The largest toy I used was an inflatable butt plug that was 7 inches in circumference before being inflated (it's hard to tell how large it was once inflated). The only hard part was getting the widest part past my anus. Once inserted it was actually really comfortable, even inflated. Using large toys (is 7" large?) has never been a goal, so I wouldn't say I actually tried to work up to it. My partner just asked and I gave it a go.

Until I tried that, I'd never wanted to use large toys but now it feels like a bit of a challenge. I'm competitive as hell, but I'm not sure I really want to compete to use the largest butt plug because there is no end to the competition if you compete with yourself! I'm not sure my poor anus can take anything larger. My rectum is cool with it but my anus has reservations.

Competitive lol!

Ummm the girthiest toy I have is the Vixen Johnny at 5.75". I reckon I could take another half inch with some patience.

I have an inflatable plug which is only 4.5" uninflated. Goes up to 8.5" inflated, but it doesn't stretch your bum, only the anal canal. Haven't tried to pull it out when inflated! Bit nervous...

I love the LH classic medium plug, so know that I'd love the large too, bit it's too big a jump up in size at 7.5", I want a plug to bridge that gap so to speak.

Haven't tried anything particularly large. I've used the odd butt plug every now and again and I have a dildo that we've used which I've used a few times which is around 6 inches of insertable length. I'm building up to this one that my partner bought me.

The thing is I struggle to take this vaginally but reaaaalllly want to be able to use it anally too. The thought excites me but it's going to be a while. Butt plugs it is for the time being. The plan is to slowly increase the size of them until I get to a point where I feel comfortable with larger things up there. :P Would love to be able to take something larger and I'd love to know what it feels like, but the one on the other thread is a bit too large even for me to want to use it.

I'm really interested in trying something like this,

Definitely looks like the direction I want to go in and they're designed exactly for practice at taking bigger toys. Once I have a job I'm definitely going to spend more on toys, I just wish there was a nicer looking set than this. Especially if there was a purple one.

Totally understand the part about belong competitive - sounds so much like me.

I have

I find it to be just right for length and amazing inflated - I am more into feeling full as opposed to stretched, so for the time being at least think this will suffice.

I also have

The vibrations just being an added bonus.

The item mentioned in the other thread just made my jaw drop and eyes water if I'm honest!!

Well apart from my wife's fist, which to be honest I haven't measured we have the following large toys. I'd add that initially they were bought purely for use on my wife but since we have got into me being analysed and pegged they seem to get used on me increasingly.

First large one was the Doc Johnson Great American Challenge. Twelve inches long and 8.5cm girth.

Then there is the Rascal anal beads at 8.35 girth. Not as big but completely different as once one is inserted you close up so you really do have to push it out using your muscles as you pull it. It had me worried for a time as I feared it being stuck up there. That difference really did leave me feeling gaped as well. That achieved first entry last night. LH have discontinued this monster.

The other large toy is the Doc Johnson vac u lock at ten inches long and again 8.5 girth. I've managed that a few times in the past few months but it just felt a little too big but the weekend last my wife worked my butt with some of our other toys including a 7 inch girth new plug, her fist and then another 6.75cm vac u kick peg and then went for the 8.5cm which after initial insertion seemed to be rather at home.

I gave them all a solo go last night and they seemed to have far less difficulty getting in and I really didn't feel any discomfort issues apart from the fear of the rascal anal balls not coming out.

I guess that we have been regularly analysing me now for about a year but I think that you can work your way up really quite quickly but reckon that I am probably at the limit of where I want to go.

I seem stuck at about 10 inch = 25cm circumference toys. I have a couple that are bigger that I've been loving trying for months, and love that trying and enjoying is more important than the result. Some days a big one goes in easily and some days a small one is more than enough.

The american bombshell and crackstuffer rough rider are favourite dildos and lage bedknob buddy is the biggest plug I use. I also use a couple of metal stretching rings - a ballistic and a meo.

Variety is the spice of life x

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I'm rubbish compared to you lot!

I use this and used this once

I've been using anal toys for years - love them. These two are the biggest I've tried - get different feelings from each.

Have to start off with smaller toys and work my way up, but still not managed to get either all the way inside. Enjoying the challenge though ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I've used many over the years...these 2 are probably around the largest....

Not reallytoys but I have used lifts bottles and sexy lingerie.

I've got this; and had this;

its taken many years of slooowly stretching, but feels really nice, I think you girls can actually beat us guys in size terms, I'm limited now by my bone structure, if you have got to a standard large butt plug;

and really like the feel I would bet you will keep on going, with the " I wonder if I can manage that one that's just a little bigger" thats how I got so big

rebel5960 wrote:

Not really toys but I have used tights panties and other sexy lingerie inside me

Can't spell

Quiet ones are worse! wrote:

I've got this; and had this;

its taken many years of slooowly stretching, but feels really nice, I think you girls can actually beat us guys in size terms, I'm limited now by my bone structure, if you have got to a standard large butt plug;

and really like the feel I would bet you will keep on going, with the " I wonder if I can manage that one that's just a little bigger" thats how I got so big

Think the larger one would be better for me

Friday13 if you like the slightly bigger toys then take this as a challenge;

its a great product and you won't have to buy another toy for some time, really good shape allows slowly increasing in size, kneel on the floor and gently sit back down on it( or pop on a chair or side of bath and sit on it ), the top is about the same size as your present toy so no issues there, just the enjoyment of going bigger or competing with your partner?

I was going to say the Intimidator as well, that's one of my favourite toys. Really good for slowly stretching you. I still can't quite take all of it, I've got down to about three ridges from the bottom. But the great thing is that if you only want to be a little bit stretched you just take as much as you want :-)

I've also got this:

But can rarely take all of it. I have to be really stretched by the intimidator before I can take that.

So far its the
Colt Mega Ribbed 10 Function Giant Vibrating Anal Dildo

I have just ordered
Doc Johnson Belladonna's Magic Hand Dildo
as I was feeling brave and horny!

Really tempted to get this.

SquirtyPanda wrote:

Really tempted to get this.

I'd take both of those in one hole

Oh! I think those 2 would be more than enough for me 😅 Plus my doxy....


The largest butt plugs I own and use are the Doc Johnson TitanMen Master Tool No.4 and the Lovehoney Classic Silicone Large Butt Plug, but the one that really fills me up is the Cock Locker Large Inflatable Butt Plug, it doesn't really stretch you, but OMG!!!when its inflated to it full 14.75 inches, are you full, that is one understatement, really prepares you for a damn good fisting.