Last Film You Watched?

The Trip, currently on Netflix.
Norwegian comedy thriller/horror.
If you like your Scandi dramas it will be for you.
It’s quite a romp, slightly gory in parts and also quite funny as it’s a long-term couple at their worst and their best.
We selected the subtitle option as the dubbing initially wasn’t great.

Knives Out

I liked it alot definitely will watch the second one next week.

I went to see Whats love got to do with it…romcom isn’t normally my thing but theres a new fancy cinema opened in town so we took our mum out for the day. It was actually really good.

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@JoCat I just had to go seaching for a trailer. Looks very much one to add to my list for light hearted feel good watching and I do love Emma Thompson’s comedy stuff. Romcoms aren’t my OH’s favourite but he has to put up with them sometimes, definitrly one to watch when it’s streaming. Thanks.

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Emma is so good in it too, the whole cast were excellent. Its predictable but very enjoyable to watch.

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Raiders ot the lost arse

Straight Outta Compton


Luther like others said the attention to detail was a bit crappy, but do love him

John wick


Watched Glass Onion definitely not as good as the first one but still enjoyed it.

The new Luther film.

It would have made a good 1 hour episode but was padded out far too much and too many plot holes.