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Here's an idea - how about if the "Latest Messages" list on the front page of Orgasm Army was expanded?

As it stands with only the latest three messages it's way too easy to miss threads, so chat goes unanswered. I reckon the forum would be much more active if the latest 10 messages were shown. It'd make life easier for members too. What do you reckon?

And another thing - at the moment only one thread can be displayed from any topic (eg Sex Talk or Anal Toys) so a lot get bumped even though they are more recent than others from different topics!

With you on all of the above BBG, it can be a tiny bit frustrating trying to find more recent threads, like you say, if only one from each topic is shown you then have to go to that topic before you see any other new messages. I'm sure the last thing OA wants to be is frustrating!

Yeah I am finding it difficult to get to grips with the way things are organised on here and it's a bit offputting (but dammit I NEEEED somewhere that I can talk abou the dirty things I love).

Hello! We're having a revamp of the forums, in fact we are in the process of testing it all this week and it will be live next week. We're adding some new forums and it's all going to be more tightly integrated with LoveHoney, which will mean many more visitors to these forums. So thanks for the ideas, they have been noted. If you have any more, fire away!

The Prof

* Bows to the wisdom of the Prof *

Your plans sound great - I'm looking forward to giving the new look Orgasm Army a good work-out! :-)

is there a reason why there's no private messaging - i'm not bothered by the lack of it but curious!

oh and more members sounds great, i'm re-reading old posts atm but i bet they'll all soon be read and i'll need new reading material lol.

Private messaging is on the list, although it's not included in the forthcoming update...

The Prof

Woo! Sounds exciting...

Oh, and another little suggestion if I may be so bold -
How about on members' personal pages we could see if a message we have submitted has been replied to or not? At present you need to go back to the thread in question to see whether anyone has added to or replied to whats been said, thanks

Yes that's the best idea Frisky - I keep losing the threads I've written on and don't notice replies to my comments, such as this one, for ages.