Latex Free Condoms


This is my first messege and i'm not sure i'm in the right category but.

I was wondering if anyone had oppinion on which the best lates free condoms. I'm looking to get some but don't know which kind to go for.

Badwolf x

Hello and welcome to the forums

I have only used one non latex condom and that was this one I found it to be comfortable, strong and thin.

Here is the section for the non-latex condoms, try reading reviews to see if they help.

Mates Skyn's

I've also tried the extra lubricated version, but found the lubricant they used too slippery - a lot of condoms use a silicone base lube, I still have to check if this is the one they use.

Skyn's also make a larger version too, which I've tried with a lover, and they seem to fit him well.

I've tried a few other too. I'm not a fan of Pasante. Although you can often find Pasante female condoms at your doctors or GUM centres. These are latex free. Although they are like putting a plastic bag inside yourself, it's better than having non-protected sex, if you can't afford condoms at that particular time.

Ultima are the next best ones, although they feel a bit thicker when compared to Skyn's =)

Good luck. It's always best to try and get a few small packs of different types and see which ones both you can your partner get along with. Sometimes experimenting with them during masturbation can be a great way to tell if a condom works for you. The better fit, the safer sex, and the better enjoyment you both will experience. Also trying then out before sex means that you should become more confident and worry less when it comes to using them during intercourse.

Mates Skyns are the best weve tried. :)

Like the others, I'd have to mention Mates. Although they're the only ones I've used, haven't had problems with them, and so had no need to try any others.