latex pants with added extra!!

Has anyone tried these

or similar items. just wondered as I like the look of them to try on my hubby, but no one has reviewed them, or am I better off with a strap on or feeldoe?

Your expertise and advice is always welcome.

My hubby doesn't know I'm on the look out for a new toy, so it will be a real treat.
Mmmmmmm... can't wait. let me know what you think.

If I was your hubby I'd be most turned on by this one:

I'd suggest a proper strap-on rather than the Feeldoe if you're just starting out. The Feeldoe is way more expensive and can be difficult to keep in place. You can get an add-on harness but that takes the combined cost to over a hundred quid.

Go for the one in the link above and you'd get something that looks more realistic and is adjustable. It's also great value for money.

Let me know how you get on! :-)

I also meant to say - those latex jobs don't last as long as the link I gave you. I used to have some latex underwear with a built-in butt plug. Fun while they lasted, but they can easily rip and the rubber needs a lot of care and attention (careful washing, drying very thoroughly and then dusting in talc and keeping in a bag) otherwise it goes hard and cracks.

thanks bbg will look into it. it's good to know what you men like. I thought this was a bit too cock like, but if you approve I might treat him to it!


also.... I didn't realise all the care that latex needed, I couldn't be on with that, have had a look I think I will go for one lie you mentioned but maybe not so cock like! lol

Well my two cents .... I would prefer the peni pants if I had a bit of a latex fetish, they look very sexy to me while the other suggested strap on is far too big a starter anal dildo I think your hubby would run for the hills rather than being turned on.

A starter anal dildo I like the look of is the tantus strap on set. If you think the sizes of the dildos would be too small for him then try out the tantus flame strap on set .

It right what they say about the trouble with latex but they do look good but will not last very long while the reviews of the tantus sets say that they do last and are washable I would like the wife to surprise me with either one .

My two cents...

UPDATE.... finally got to use my strap on with hubby, but he wasn't to impressed and said this won't become a regular thing! boo hoo, was very dissapointed but kept it myself and thought I'll leave the subject alone for now and wait till he brings it up.

Anyway roll on a few months and thank god for some sex advice programme on channel fiver, he's up for it again, wooo hooo.

He had watched this programme about using a strap on which came with loads of advice etc and now he's right up for giving it another try, I am so excited and looking forward to it now, I'll keep you posted.

sazzle x

Hi Sazzle,

Thought I'd give u a little tip... Me and the Mrs absolutely LOVE these:

We've left a review on the product, so have a read. We really do recommend this though...Mrs Strapon came whilst she was fucking me with them because of the anal and vaginal dildos...but then again she cums really easily anyway!

If you've got any specific Q's about the product then feel free to ask whatever u want.

Good luck

hiya Strapon,

I really fancied the product you reviewed but was put off by all the care needed. Are they a lot of hassle to look after or is it worth it?

I have to say they look amazing and make me feel really horny just looking at them!.


I don't think they need a lot of care!

Wash after use...that's all I've done and they are fine! x

thanks for that, i will order as a treat for hubby., will let you know how I get on. x

Any one tried those latex pants with the inner plug/dildo for ladies? Was thinking of getting the missus a pair, are the just suitable for a sporty session or can you wear em all day? How big are the dildos (I don't want to spoil her!!!)