Latex sensitivity?

I received a Doc Johnson Gapers Inflatable Butt Plug ( recently, and when I tried to use it for the first time yesterday, I immediately noticed a strange warm sensation inside, all around the toy, which gradually turned into a mild burning sensation, until I eventually decided to stop using it. Today there appears to be some slight discomfort and tenderness in the general area.

I noticed that the toy is made from latex, and while I've never had a problem with latex before, I've heard that some people can be sensitive to it, so I'm wondering if this could be the cause. I'm hoping that some people who do have problems with latex could shed some light on this.

Incidentally I've ruled out the lube as a potential culprit, as it's one I've used without problem before, and has a gentle formula. Either way, next time I try using that toy, I think I'm going to put it in a condom first.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. :)

I have a latex allergy, and have had it all my life. When I was younger I stupidly used condoms and toys which contained latex, the more I used latex items, the worse the allergy got. It's always been pretty bad, and can form my skin to blister and be painful for day - sometimes this has caused scarring. I often suffer from a reaction instantly, anyway I know that a latex allergy can become worse the more contact you have with latex. A few times, when I've been in cotact with a lot of latex it has made me experience something similar to an asthma attack, even though I'm not asthmatic. Thankfully that's only happened a few times.

But I also know that some people can form a latex allergy. I think this type of latex allegry is different to mine from what I've heard? Often the reaction is a lot less, with discomfort, a a rash, and dry skin?

I recommend seeing your doctor to find out if you do have an allergy, it's really the only way to be certain.

If you are forming a latex allergy you will need to make some changes, and try and go latex free. It's not easy, but basic things like washing-up gloves will need to be changed, etc. I tend to check most things that say they have rubber, which is a pain, but my allergy is that bad I'd rather not risk it. Oh also, not all rubbers contain latex.

A condom won't work, unless it's a latex free condom.

Erm, sorry I can't really be much help :/

It's definitely possible to develop a latex allergy over time, and I think it's more likely the more you're in contact with latex, like people who have to wear latex gloves for work are much more likely to develop it. From what I understand (and I haven't had any of my dermatology training yet, but I know a little bit), there's the type of allergy you have from an early age, like The Nymphomaniac has, which causes an anaphylactic reaction with symptoms a bit like an asthma attack and can be life threatening, and there's the type which you can develop later in life which causes a contact dermatitis, so itching, redness, burning sensation etc.

It sounds like you'd be best to avoid latex from now on, and as an addition to the advice already given, I'd say you should inform your doctor, dentist or any other healthcare worker you visit who might be examining you that they should use non-latex gloves.

Generally allergies work by sensitisation. Because it's an immune system over reaction you often find people are ok the first time of encountering something - then the second time the immune system has been sensitises and begins reacting. With some allergies the reaction is very severe (and sometimes fatally severe) the second time the person encounters it. With others the severity builds up over time - this is especially true of animal hair allergies. Once you have the sensitivity it's worth being extra careful, otherwise the reaction can get very severe with repeated exposure.


I have a latex sensitivity too. As poeple have said above you can develop sensitivities or allergies after exposure. Mine isn't that bad... I wear latex gloves at work sometimes but if I have to wear them too long my hands go all red and itchy. I avoid latex in condoms - we use Mates Skyn, and toys - we try where possible to stick to silicone. It can be annoying sometimes when there's a toy out that's not silicone but looks like it would be good.

I don't think they actually use latex gloves in the NHS anymore... maybe they do, but I was under the impression they'd switched to nitryl.